6 Affordable Winter Destinations for UAE Residents

For several gearing to make their way out of the United Arab Emirates for the winter, a huge red flag is the exorbitant travel costs that create trips with their families impossible. But what in case we tell you that there are several locations you might take a vacation to this winter in your budget? 

The year is pulling to a close, and you fervently wish to get that trip. But increasing living costs, skyrocketing airfares, and lengthy periods in the plane with kids are making you pissed off. Although, there are plenty of locations to go to and things to accomplish while placing all of those things out of your thinking. 

Here are holiday destinations good for celebrating Christmas 

  1. Serbia 

Situated in central Europe, Serbia gives your high European conventions on a platter without the lofty costs of other European nations. This beautiful Balkan nation is definitely to be covered wholly in snow, so get ready to experience a wonderful winter snow land as your land here. Serbia is the ideal blend of the antique rural beauty of forts and farms and the city charm of its capital Belgrade. 

  • Oman 

Maximum UAE tenants know about Oman and have been to the neighboring nation of Oman at least once in their lives. While not as snazzy or fashionable as Oman, Dubai, with its amazing blue-green waters and large mountain capes has its own amazing attraction. 

In case you are somebody who enjoys getting away from it all and is a water baby at heart, ensures to visit the spot of Musandam to enjoy winter by the beach and floating with dolphins. The finest point about Oman is that this is only a car ride away, so you do not need to buy a ticket for a flight. 

  • Armenia 

While Dubai has everything, the one thing you cannot enjoy in the Middle East is snowfall. After a searing year in the spot, in case you can your family or friends wish to escape to certain cool locations, then Armenia is the location for you. 

Not just Armenia very affordable for living costs, but this is also one of the ancient seats of Christianity. It makes it highly rich in its architectural heritage because this has certain oldest and most thriving churches and spiritual hubs. This is even popular for its minced meat delicacies that are deemed the epitome of comfort food. 

  • Turkey 

Turkey is popular to be a city of duality. This is where Christian architecture connects Islamic architecture, providing a method to the amazing memorials and mosques. Who amongst us has not wanted to visit the Blue Mosque at once in our whole time? Maybe this season might be your turn. 

Turkey is a transcontinental nation popular for its Bazaars, tasty sweet treats, and architectural wonders. This winter, roam through the marvelous streets of Turkey with your family without considering your budget. 

  • Jordan 

If you are somebody who experiences an amazing budget of the open air and nature and also the charm of man-made wonders, Jordan might be the best location for your winter holiday. Jordan is very famous and one of its cities – Petra is one of the seven wonders. 

For a taste of Arab nature and the stunning and top-class architecture and museums of this nation, visit Jordan in the winter to escape the humid heat in the location. Jordan is popular for its spectacular sandstone buildings, waterbodies, cultural museums, memorials, and forts. 

  • Prague 

One of the very attractive portions of visiting Europe this winter is the beautiful Christmas Market. Throughout Christmas time, several Czech republic nations rake forth this convention of opening a beautiful huge market in a village. 

These markets even sell a huge range of regional Christmas foods to really signify the start of holiday tenure. Prague is even popular for a range of stunning structures and memorials with high cultural societies. This is popular for standing as a relevantly cost-effective European spot giving all the cultural and historical cornerstones that you might potentially dream to see. 

These are the amazing locations that you visit from Dubai with your friends and families without breaking your budget. While winter duration in the city is cool and amazing, in case you wish to utilize all your leftover yearly leave and take a breath out of the nation this cooling season, then make a trip to these nations for a wonderful vacation. 

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