A15 Invests in Egyptian Buy Now Pay Later Platform Sympl

A15, the ultimate experience capital corporation sustaining business people in the MENA region, has declared it is the first businessman in one of Egypt’s current startups to successfully establish, Sympl – a company poised to impact the payments sector of the nation.

Concentrated on tech startups and with a long track statement in producing value for FinTech, A15 is a major partner both in capital investment but also experience and knowledge. A15 invests in its portfolio corporations at a previous phase, performing closely with the founder to produce value throughout various channels. As well as giving a priceless support grid for founders, A15 also supports startups functionally, through product growth or technological integrations, and making for future financing rounds and exit methods.

A15’s partnership with Sympl – whose co-founders’ knowledge comprises co-forming greatest customer finance corporation ValU and B2B custom podium Capiter – ideally status both corporations. With A15’s previous investment in the start-up, the venture capital entity was able to sustain the growth of the Sympl analyze podium and successfully assist to bring it to commence. Together, both corporations would constantly move creation in Egypt’s payment region and lend support to Egypt’s continuous dedication to an evolution to a cashless society.

With more than 30 investments so far in the MENA sector, A15 is a prime promoter of entrepreneurship and creation. In September 2018, A15 declared it has successfully marketed a 76 percent share in its FinTech department corporation, TPAY, to prime African private equity entity Helios Investment Partners, creating it the rather finance to make a Dragon – a portal that replaces the deal of the whole fund via the admitted profits from one investment – in the MENA sector.

With the aid of A15, Sympl’s “Save your money pay later” check forum commenced successfully in October through an entire partnership with prime Apple reseller, Tradeline – on the launch of the new iPhone 13. Other partnerships are formed with major retailers in the appliances and electronics fields, Auto parts, Jewelry, Hypermarket, and covering migrants in a range of other classifications like fashion, furniture, medical, and travel services.

Since the inauguration, Sympl has reported so much traction from clients utilizing Sympl technology on the forum of existing migrants, and a long pipeline who wish to partner to embed Sympl to increase their client checkout experience.

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