Aiming For A Brighter Future With Pagado Motors

Bruno Pegado is the CEO and the Founder of Grupo Bruno Miguel Pegado, a 100% Angolan Automotive Brand. The corporation also has an online presence on YouTube and Facebook. Situated in Africa, born into a family of unity, Bruno comes from a wealthy family. Recently, he lives in Dubai emirate, where he set the targets to get a brighter future for his corporation.

Mr. Bruno has his difficulties. He has problems beginning the corporation, faced troubles, and even had a tragic near-death experience. although, he kept driving ahead and never quit. He is a personality who believed in God and works hard to get all his targets.

In the Dubai emirate, he came after more business prospects and investments for his assignments. Hence, life is split into journeys to Luanda, where he has an office, store, and a motorcycle assembly sequence and gives different services.

They are an Angolan corporation with offices in Angola, Luanda, and Dubai. Moreover, they have a social objective in the automotive sector, import & export, technical assistance, and general trade, and products like maintenance of private cap fleets, mail maintenance, and joining the sector of technologies.

They began the Grupo Bruno Miguel Pegado and the brand Pegado, originally in Angola in 2008, with mall management services for two years. In 2010, they started to produce the first bicycle of the brand Pegado in Chine, where since 2008, they have sustained partnerships with local manufacturers. They formed several good partnerships and friends that permitted them to develop in this rising competitive market. Unluckily, in the previous phases of the assignment, they faced their first financial challenges. Sooner in 2014, they started their first cars in Angola.

They have their targets and are very concentrated on getting them. Unluckily, although, they struggle to get financing or partnership to boost their assignment and targets, comprising constructing an industrial stake in Angola in the area of Waku Kungo, where they have already got 104 hectares of land to build several manufacturing entities and group sequences for their cars.

They plan to market across Africa and companionship with distributors and vendors in the region. Moreover, they went to have their headquarters in Dubai as it features standing linked to the globe, and in cases of financial transactions, banks provide guarantees of functionality. Dubai emirate ends up standing at the center of their re-exports to Africa, and they plan on admitting this in the near future.

As a company leader, Mr. Bruno’s strength is in the union, he is tough with his workers, but at the same time, he tries to pass his desire to everyone. He doesn’t appoint workers for hire, he likes to explore the maximum of everybody and designate them as a team that comprehends each other can get better outcomes. Moreover, he likes to sense that they aren’t only a team, they are a family, making them a high team. They are not several, but they are the essential ones at this phase to make what is ensuing to them occur.

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