Align Staffing Solutions: Dubai-based Premier Manpower Company

Mr. Atul Sinha co-founder and CEO of Align Staffing Solutions, came to UAE in 1998 he started with some hospitality and then moves on to working with some Multinational companies for staffing and HR outsourcing. And after that, he started his own brand Align Staffing solutions, one of the leading companies for staffing solutions and manpower services in the region.

Mr. Atul Sinha has spent around 20 years in the staffing and feature management fields in the GCC region and has witnessed the sector develop from strength to strength. Having performed with international staffing firms himself, he has gained the respect and recognition of clients and industry professionals for his thought leadership. He is usually credited as a leader who handpicks skills from within his organization, assists set ideas, and encourages them throughout the startup stage, resulting in most of the startups becoming successful businesses.

Mr. Atul Sinha has also formed recruitment centers, conducted by partner consultants, in South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent to assist Align source and appoint talented manpower. Clearly, he is passionate about forming ecosystems that are in synergy and in full harmony with the big dream of the corporation; an ideal that naturally lends itself to the corporation’s name – Align.

The corporation is thought to be the just business in its sector to have been granted the position of the Dubai SME organization, making capable Align to get a choice in Government and Semi-government bids. This opens up several chances, in turn getting up several more liabilities. The company has also secured a few very notable clients comprising the Expo 2020, Emirates Group, and more.

As it grows its utilizer base, the company is growing a portfolio of other business activities in the sector of Facility Management, Recruitment, HR Outsourcing, Training & consulting, Compliances, and more. The objective is to make sure its customers advantage from a bouquet of customized services with a great level of trust and a feel of intention. In order to remarkably contribute to the market and sustain a competitive edge, Align company is run with a simple value proposal at its core – create solutions, ignite talent, and deliver value.

They really have to be witnessed as an industry that is at the forefront of the new work order. The manpower outsourcing field has to rapidly mature into a service provider that can read the inner ecosystem of the customer corporations and control the outside dynamics a few times to stay concerned. With businesses trying to make feel of a very volatile and indefinite market, corporations are looking for adaptable, elegant, and useful solutions and this is where as a community, they can make a huge impact and add value to their clients.

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