All You Need to Know About AYA Dubai

Dubai is one of the very famous tourist destinations. This is a city that has an ever-developing list of new, running, and one-of-a-kind appeals, movements, and experiences. There are several things to do, locations to visit, and experiences in this prosperous city. From shopping malls, skyscrapers, tourist hotspots, thrilling activities, and more, Dubai has it all. One such appeal that has currently open in Dubai is AYA Universe. This is the country’s first long, interactive entertainment park.

About AYA

AYA is a futuristic ray and sound park that gives a long entertainment experience for individuals of all ages. Opened in December 2022, this merges modern technologies with stunning art and plans to give a one-of-a-kind sensorial experience that would amuse and encourage you. HyperSpace, a Future Forward Entertainment company that forms and runs physical parks for a technical world, started the assignment.

AYA invites daring travelers to enter a huge universe of vibrant, interactive experiences spread over twelve different zones, each with its different themes and interactive components. Experiences such as these will allow you to play, float, and desire your way through overlooks filled with a million stars, gardens of flowering light, and colorful rivers that produce showers and pools, etc. Each move you take at AYA would provide you with a remarkable experience that you will never forget.

Alexander Heller, CEO of Hyperspace stated – “AYA has been formed to produce curiosity and wonders in an amazing trip to an elegant universe. This contains entertainment and interactive technology to give immersive storytelling in a new way – a first for Dubai and the world.”

Travel is a regular article that is utilized usually in all areas. AYA targets a transformative experience that changes you to land away. The thought is that you would travel to a distant universe and communicate with technology in manners you have never happened before.

What to Expect Inside?

AYA gives a range of interactive installations formed to encourage the senses and involve the mind. All these exhibits inventively utilize light, motion, and sound to make a really immersive experience. One of its very significant factors is its top-class sound system, which hires modern audio technology to make a completely great sound experience. The sound design will give you a totally new world of music and sound, whether you are finding the park by yourself or carrying an instructed tour.

A famous light show is the Galaxy Light Show which is a fascinating show that utilizes lasers, projections, and tunes to cheer you to a universe far, far away. From music shows and sound strategy workshops to specific concerts with live performances and DJ sets, there’s constantly something amazing to look ahead to at AYA.

AYA has 12 wonderful zones where you can analyze brilliant gardens, power heavens, and dance with lights.

Let’s learn a little more about them –

    Movement and gesture control gives an engaging experience that grips travelers in 230 square feet of engaging artwork formed to encourage the senses. Pools formed of celestial dust and glanced from beyond the stars will give a preview of what is to come, with surges of light comprehensive across the zone and a rainbow of shades jigging.
  2. The Source
    The first AYA experience is situated in this 3,250 square feet area. Touch-reactive domes and digital pools ignite the experience, while environment projections live new energy into the area. A 6 min display with reactive LED pools would transport travelers into the spectacular universe, utilizing the very current tough reactive technology.
  3. DRIFT
    This 2,000 square feet area, permits travelers to travel to the hub of the AYA Universe, which is another sizable place to analyze. Lay back on a green hill that smoothly thrives in time with the music would make you sense light as a dramatic point takes you to a silent new setting.
    To introduce new characters for the AYA experience, this area is distributed in three chapters. There is a corridor of imagination governed by movement where travelers’ existence demands new animals from this attractive new world. Travelers can dance alongside the characters of this uncharted sector thanks to technology.
    The trip to the start of the river quest is formed by long capes. The next chapter of the experience begins out with an endless whirl to catch the minds of those who move inside.
    Each move you carry inside this, 2,000-square-foot space makes storms and pools of light and colors, along with The Deep and The Dunes. With LED screens and detection sensors, a river of vibrancy brings this space to life in a secret unlockable adventure chapter where you choose the actions of those inside.
    The conclusion of the river trip in this space of appeal is clued by an audio-moving waterfall that operates upside down to fight the gravity laws.
    Celestial events in this wholly big area that casts a mapped desire for the cosmos are activated by interactive light rays. Those who join in for the 13-minute show will be regaled to a light presentation, which transits five different chapters, and an engaging visual game.
  9. FLORA
    In this live garden, beasts made by the light answer to and respond to travelers’ actions. This nine-minute show immerses audiences in a smart oasis of all living things utilizing existence detection technology.
  10. TIDES
    The major point of this 8-minute exhibit, which comprises four separate story-telling chapters, is an infinity mirror room adorned with LED lights and an engaging sculpture.
    The show’s 3 min finale will facilitate a robotic light display in a huge, mirror-like infinity area.
  12. LUNA
    Move into the LUNA area to travel beyond the stars. This video good explains the magic and Instagram ability of this area.

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