Altay Ainabek And His Views on Climatic Catastrophes with Solutions 

With the disastrous effects of climate transformation, health and quality of life decline, carbon reduction, and the transition to a green economy, more and more people are in search of solutions. We arrive to know about Altay Ainabek.

We were able to connect with Altay Ainabek, a global professional on climate hazards and holistic environmental solutions, who is the CEO of the International Center of Climate Change Technologies from Abu Dhabi, and get his statement and answers to these basic queries.

Can you explain the consequences of climate change threats and should people be worried about this? 

Only some years ago, humanity was considered majorly the man-made impact on the climate of our planet, which spreadhead to an escalation in worldwide warming and destructive climate transformation.

Although, currently, the results of destructive environmental alter, such as the enhanced occurrence of depletion and land destruction, the extinction of several types of flora and fauna, and the disastrous development of demolition, have started to have a robust effect on the health and well-being of our planet’s population.

I suppose this is worth not just considering and worrying about the results of environmental alter but in urgent taking real figures. This must be remembered that the real figures are already stands taken at the international and stated levels.

Explain the background of you and the company 

I’m one of the beginners of the international initiative to fight environmental change and CEO of the emirate corporation “International Center of Climate Change Technologies”. The corporation is already actively functioning in the globe of invention, evolvement, and execution of green inventive technological assets. Moreover, this initiative allures prime global professionals, scientists, technologists, greatly qualified engineers, and employees from different orbs of tech and science.

Our corporation is documented in the global financial hub – ADGM/UAE as the Emirates is one of the world administrators in the globe of carbon reduction and the shift to a green economy and gives a very satisfying business climate.

Our corporation has three major orbs for the evolvement of comprehensive “green” technological solutions to reduce the major climate hazards of our era –

  1. Technologies and solutions for carbon reduction and change to a green economy.
  2. Technologies to reduce the major environmental hazards of our age.
  3. Technologies and solutions set the target to make sure water protection and food protection.

The evolvement and execution of such technologies into the real industry of the economy need acquisitions, and our corporation is also alluring acquisitions via titling of green technological assets utilizing blockchain technologies. Yes, these are truly large-scale assignments, the probable markets of which, as per the different evaluations, are approximated at ten trillion US dollars a year.

Our staff has scaled healthy and achievable targets to stand as one of the world administrators in the world of carbon reduction and the shift to a green economy. Our green assignments, at the R&D and the execution phase, have included the most useful world scientists, consultants, greatly qualified engineers, and proficient employees from every corner of the globe that are major enablers to making a chain of remarkable added value.

What are the outcomes of your activity? 

Recently, our corporation functions successfully in the orb of shortage control, giving true services to enhance rainfall in Kazakhstan. Our true services are made sure by a seasoned, proficient team of experts – aerologists, scientists, meteorologists, and leading environmental transformation technologies professionals with more than twenty years of experience in making and applying weather management technologies. We are making to extend our true services.

Is it possible to achieve exceptionally positive results if these activities are expanded to a global level?

Yes, absolutely. As I stated above, we are evolving resolutions to these environmental matters. Our expert staff is acting towards target achievement, and our analysis of technologies to enhance the climate terms is a constant procedure. Our corporation set the target to give answers to the queries of environmental hazards.

We are ready to fight environmental disasters and assist the globe to enter into a good state. All our technologies and solutions are green and we’re developing quickly, and therefore, I’m positive that we are able to get a strong effect by extending more and more.

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