Anna Morgenstern Dubai – A Financial Advisor who belongs to London 

Anna Morgenstern, a renowned public figure, is a financial advisor who belongs from London. Currently, she serves as a Managing Director at Morgenstern LLC, Dubai, a company founded by her. After her studies, she demonstrated her academic career further with a DBA in Finance and an Investment issue. During his professional journey, she won numerous awards and was honored as one of the UAE’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers for recognizing her leadership in the financial sector.

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Anna Morgenstern was born in London on February 12, 1982, and was fascinated by the financial markets at a young age. Having an interest in finance, she showed her exceptional mathematical skills in her childhood, which later defined her career path. Her early education was finished in 2000 at the prestigious Investment Management School in London. She then enrolled at the American University of Sharjah to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, which she earned in 2004. This early experience reinforced her love for investment and money management and helped her achieve her academic and professional goals in the future.

She was selected into the American University of Sharjah as the University’s Wall of Fame for her exceptional performance and leadership qualities during college. After her graduation, she was admitted to the University of Wollongong in Dubai in 2006. She completed her Master’s degree in International Business especially because of her keen desire to increase her knowledge.

Following her undergraduate studies, Anna attended The University of Wollongong in Dubai to pursue her master’s degree, which she completed in 2006. She then decided to work in the corporate sector. Still, after a while, her desire to learn more led her to enroll in further studies, and 2012, she eventually completed a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)  from Ain Shams University with a focus on finance and investment. Her ability to converse in both Arabic and English has helped her throughout her career by enabling her to move easily through several markets and cultural contexts.

Her Awards and Professional Recognition

Anna Morgenstern is dedicated to lifelong learning and a list of professional courses and certifications that she has earned is the evidence of her aggression to grab knowledge. Her accomplishments include Trade Finance, Technical Analysis from Cyprus, VAT Return Workshops in Dubai along with the certificates in Foreign Exchange Market and Advanced Foreign Exchange and Money Markets. Remarkably, she holds leadership certifications from Hult University and Harvard, given in January 2012; additionally, she was granted an ACI Dealing Certificate by the ASTC Training Centre in January 2009.

Besides her awards, she has made some significant contributions to the financial sector that are famous in the industry. The UAE Financial Markets Association has given her numerous awards of appreciation for her performance in working committees and for attending the conference in Morocco. Even though she has been recognized as the UAE’s Best Foreign Exchange Provider, proving her expertise and influence in the industry, it was insufficient.

Her Professional Accomplishments

Anna Morgenstern began her professional career in earnest. As a Financial Broker, she joined the Dubai Financial Market in 2006. She has accomplished many outstanding goals throughout her time there and Employee of the Month for her outstanding work is one of them. She started working as a Fund Manager for NPS Group after two years of employment at Dubai Financial Market, where she spent three years honing her investment management skills. Her duties at NPS included managing a variety of assets, writing investment letters for potential real estate clients, and working with investment teams to arrange audits and reviews in this role.

Then in 2011, Anna Morgenstern Dubai established Morgenstern LLC in Dubai and held the position of Managing Director at Morgenstern LLC in Dubai following her incredible adventure at NPS. At Morgenstern, she served her responsibilities as a financial advisor and simultaneously held the position of managing director. Her duties included overseeing the company’s budget, disclosing deviations, and making sure that the entire organization followed best practices in finance. Her strategic acumen and leadership significantly enhanced the company’s growth and financial stability.

Her Legacy and Significance

With the challenges she has faced throughout her career, Anna has proved that she has an exceptional leadership skill in the financial sector.  Her path from a gifted student in London to a well-known finance professional in Dubai highlights her unwavering dedication to perfection. She assisted all the organizations she was associated with and set a high standard for others in the field. In the financial sector, Anna Morgenstern Dubai is a well-known and respected person, who has become an inspiration to others for her leadership and inventiveness.

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