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Shiju P brings over 16 years of experience in management, business consulting, and corporate leadership to his part as Managing director and the Founder of Ascentia Corporate Services in UAE. Before Ascentia, Mr. Shiju is specializing in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. With his industry experience in finance, business, and marketing solution, he has played an integral part formed a successful career giving suggestions on corporate finance, budgeting, financial planning, and risk management.

With Ascentia, he set the target to give the best business consulting services in the United Arab Emirates. Ascentia is a business setup and financial services professional in DIFC, Dubai. The corporation launched in 2019 and is still developing exceptionally. This also has a social media existence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Mr. Shiju is a committed businessman who consistently exceeds expectations and dies his best in each activity. Together, Shiju and the staff of experts at Ascentia act with current technologies and inventive concepts to give the best-in-class solutions to customers.

Explain the background of you and your company 

Ascentia Corporate Services are professionals in leadership and management services in the UAE. We are situated in Alsaqr Business is a tower, DIFC, Dubai. We began our functions in 2019. At current, we have a power of more than 1000 clients around the GCC. Moreover, we have specialized in corporate services, tax & adherence, and registered auditors in Dubai. We pride ourselves on giving great quality services given by a committed and enthusiastic team of skilled specialists.

Furthermore, we robustly trust in the advantages of teamwork, both internally and with our customers, and value robust and long-lasting rapports located on mutual trust. As our management entirely owns us, we can function independently and consistently with the best interest of our customers as our priority. And, with a single point of contact liable for the chronic management of your business, you would always have a partner you know by your side.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

  1. More than 16 years of experience in business services in all emirates of the UAE.
  2. High-quality client services and delivery of commitment are our major concentrations.
  1. Analyze-based business formation consulting. Our solutions are very much dependent on the desired business scheme of our customers.
  2. The in-house seasoned staff of financial and tax advisors, corporate & structuring consultants, and banking solution providers.
  3. Right from forming your corporation in UAE as your first move, we would chalk you through to develop, prosper and succeed in your business.
  4. The size of your business isn’t what matters to us. What truly is vital is to maintain your belief in us intact from the moment you select us to guide you and set milestones in your new venture.
  5. Our commitment is all about the development of your venture in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

Our advisors are completely furnished with the current technology, adherence rules, and updates. We have four verticals – corporate services, taxation, outsourcing accounting, and auditing. We give all these services under one roof. We have a team of experts with the current technology and our advisors are available for 24/7 help.

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