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Paul Kenny is the founder and CEO of, an e-commerce website established in late 2010. is the biggest regular deals corporation in the MENA sectors in cases of earning and also leads in several other verticals such as travel, electronics, kids, and mums, fashion, and more.

Paul lived in the Middle East for around five years. Prior to this, he performed for a few of the most reputed corporations in the sector comprising Jumeirah Group and Emirates as an advisor. was inaugurated in August 2010 and I the quickest developing e-commerce site in the Middle East and North Africa sectors ever since. This began to bring corporations jointly with a lot of new clients regularly and concentrates on one-time contracts that aren’t available easily.

Paul Kenny is a proven business professional with hands-on knowledge in creating high internet corporations and is also known as a thought expert in the digital area. Paul is also a start-up fund ambassador for company Ireland, a facilitator at Seedstartup, co-founder of the Irish Business Network, a part-time lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute Middle East, and a consultant to several corporations across the globe. The team of Arabian Gazette sat down with a young CEO in the Middle East to get better about his industry standard and the increasing favor of regular contracts and group purchasing.

Cobone has become the best group purchasing in MENA for several reasons. Today, Cobone is the only domestic unit remaining in the region that really comprehends domestic culture and the method clients like to make payments. For instance, Cobone gives the most payment ways in the sector comprising, several prepaid cards, credit cards, and even cash on delivery. They also have made sure to engage the Arabic language into their site, being the first to give contracts in English and Arabic in the sector.

Moreover, and very significantly, they constantly give the most suitable values to their partners. You would see the best brands on Cobone comprising Jumeirah, Apple, Ski Dubai, and a lot more. Each of these combined makes sure that Cobone has become a very reliable brand for group purchasing and they presently control 60 percent of the MENA market stake.

Cobone is a new method of marketing that is transforming the method businesses can allure new clients. The clients they have gotten aren’t always looking for cost-sensitive offers. Usually, they get that their clients would go over their budget and would come back if they are satisfied with the service.

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