BerinTuzlic and His Exceptional Musical Journey

BerinTuzlic, a sound designer and technic has also created many comics and music assignments. Currently, we learned about dRUMELODY by BerinTuzlic, a famous music assignment that has attracted a lot of attention.

He is an inspirational personality and an artistic director. BerinTuzlic is also an artist, composer, animator, drummer, and filmmaker.

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My musical assignmentdRUMELODYwas merged with my comic iNFRA DEVIL to represent the major character of the comic’s comic iNFRA DUIL. I animated her to make a music video for Bad Sunshine, one of the album’s tracks.

You will hear the music of the album activated through a photocell if you came close to the characters. This music is not the actual circumstances of my comics and musical films. This was part of my musical performance. It was also accompanied by animations. I also DJed and VJed simultaneously.

These different methods to live music performance inspired attendants to surrender to their senses and be satiated by the visual and audio performance. This is what buyers want from their clients. They can easily use this “architecture”, for whatever topic they require.

How did you start this journey in the animation sector? 

Since 1998, I’ve been an animator professional and have received many international awards for my short animated films and commercial videos. A few cartoon series have been produced for adults and children. Since 1997, I’ve been a member of the Zagreb School of Animated Films.

What inspired you to develop dRUMELODY, and how did you develop it?

dRUMELODY was inspired by the new age and new ways of thinking. The everyday advancement of technology, the internet, and artificial intelligence has made it possible for people to perceive the world differently. People want more than art. They desire the whole experience. You can find Hyberbola and Take money baby among other music.  

My encouragement for short animated films can be found all around me. Our world is vibrant and we have access to so much details. I don’t wish to offend anybody with the content of my animated short films. 

How do you feel about using advanced technology when creating art and designs?

I have a very positive outlook on technology. This is because I trust technology has helped to develop art and new interaction channels.

My electronic music compilations are hugely successful as can be seen by my performances at different festivals like the Ultra Festival, and Split, which were attended by 150 000 people.

One of the several strange stories that I’d like to share is that I wrote out animations using drum notes. This is because musical notes for instruments can be written as melodic notes, but they also operate as mathematical particles.

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