Book Lovers Gather! Here are the Best Bookstores in Dubai 

There is nothing better across the globe than having a new book, reversing through the flaky pages that possess a whole universe within it, and inhaling its, sweet smell that you only can not get adequately of. In case you are a bookworm then you understand what it’s like when you make an entry in a bookstore, you can spend maximum time in there only browsing and reversing through thousands of books.

The Dubai emirate has a huge array of bookstores that give endless bookshelves that are filled with so many books with several genres and languages that would interest any kind of book lover out there.

So, get prepared to get lost in a fictional world 

Books Kinokuniya 

Kinokuniya is heaven for book lovers. This is the largest bookstore in the emirate standing covering a spot of more than 68,00 sq ft. Kinokuniya has over 500,000 books you can select from. You can get any and each type of book you are finding here – fiction, comics, self-help books, guides, biographies, and non-fiction books.

They have books in several languages such as French, English, Arabic, etc. There is also a specific Japanese literature section that gives a whole universe of Japanese literature for you to find. Kinokuniya is even a stationary from stickers, canvas, pens, wax sales, notebooks, and paints you would get it all here. This is a dream spot and a variety of solutions under one roof for individuals who like studying and creating art in the emirate.


Margudy’s is one of the ancient bookstore chains in the Emirate functioning since 1975. This gives an amazing collection of books that are selected and maintained with the domestic community in mind. This is renowned for giving an amazing cluster of books for kids. They also give toys for kids, and craft supplies. This has something for everybody.

They can order books they do not have in store so you can obtain a hold of nearly any book you require. This bookstore has become a social center for the readers and artists in the emirate to come together and communicate. They also host regular book hubs, signings, and other occasions that inspire reading amongst Dubai’s residents.


Not sure where you can get the current bestsellers in the emirate? You would get all that you are finding at WHSmith. It has shelves of books for you to find. They have workers that have an exciting understanding of the current movements and releases in the academic world so you can count on them to suggest you the ideal new read for you.

You can even sign up for their book hub and meet and communicate with individuals throughout the emirate who share the same passion and confidence you have for books. They are even popular for storing global newspapers, famous magazines, candy items, and stationery.

Virgin Megastore 

You have listened to the most famous Virgin Megastore; you would get one around each corner of the emirate. as its name shows, Virgin Megastore is a large bookstore that has everything and anything you require from books, electronic gadgets, stationery, pianos, and guitars, and more.

They have an amazing cluster of books from all genres and are famous for giving famous books comprising bestsellers, memoirs, autobiographies, poetry books, and a lot more. You can also get different self-books, finance books, cooking books, and other non-fiction books. They even have a committed children’s corner with books that are most suitable for children and that spark their ideation and originality.


In case you love books and are constantly hunting for new books to study then, Borders is what you require. They have an amazing cluster of books in each potential genre you can imagine. Apart from a huge array of books, this bookstore has an array of school bags, toys, gifts, stationery, newnesses, greeting cards, and art supplies. Their items are targeted at educating people and developing efficient minds.

Borders also have different publicity on books and other items during the year. Recently they have a back-to-school give where you will get amazing discounts on Schools bags, tiffin boxes, stationery, lunch bags, art supplies, and water bottles. This bookstore targets to evolve a culture of studying and encouraging English literacy among people residing in the emirate.

Jashanmal Bookstores 

The Jashanmal Bookstores is one of the very smoothly reachable bookstores in the emirate. Rather than splitting everything into individual sections, they hold a large vision spot with subsections. They give a broad array of books comprising new launches and best sellers that span various genres. They have a very comfortable and attractive climate that gets a creek of book lovers in the emirate to want to go to their bookstore.

Jashanmal is even famous for taking part in famous book exhibitions in the UAE, so you understand your books come from the finest in the venture. They even have an online store so you can even order your books through an online platform and get free delivery when you utilize the code – FREE SHIPPING.

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