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Bobby Kapoor founder of Cartalyst Food Solutions. His journey started as a chef, he worked in 54 nations and learned about food, and now he aims to make available food for everybody. He came to UAE in 2008 and worked as a corporate chef. At that point, he wanted to work in any suitable location, and he came to UAE and found it very convenient. He launched his business in UAE in 2012, started alone this company.

Located out of Dubai Chef Bobby Kapoor, through Cartalyst Food Solutions gives a range of consulting services for a new restaurant or a current one that requires a turnaround. Cartalyst is a full-service consultancy company giving strategic inputs and being real partners for cafes, restaurants, fine dining outlets, and even retail.

With years of collective experience, as hospitality consultants they leverage their wisdom to your business, making sure that your development turns into a great successful unit. Apart from the UAE, they conduct far and broad comprising Asia, GCC, and Africa owing to the truth that Chef Bobby Kapoor has firsthand experience working in these destinations. Formulation and recipe management are their major specialties, and they are deemed the most acceptable in that space and not without reason.


He is inherently attracted to food and the hospitality industry. He has been here for years as a food product development firm and witnessed it unfold, mature, grow, change, and mature both domestically and globally. And with it, so did he. Over a quarter decade, he learned from every factor of the industry, and today he feels proud about the truth that every culinary organization that he partnered with has benefitted from him greatly.

Helping restaurateurs create and execute their dream is a calling for them. They just love doing it and so they are on top of the game. Their clients can see their significant passion for food and beverage creation when you meet them and it differently reflects in the outcomes when you and the firm put to work together. Their mission is, as restaurant consultants, they assist their clients to get business benefits by getting much-required reforms, remodeling every factor of the restaurant business, and challenging formed thinking.

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