Christiane Dania – Unveiling the Inspiration Behind ArchiCover Showroom

This is yet another remarkable entrepreneurship story of the couple who is the backbone of the Archicover. It is a leading materials library for people with exquisite taste. With its flagship store in Vienna, having an independent company in the UAE. 

The duo, Christiane Dania and Michael Dania have turned their love for curating and sorting surfaces and materials into a profession. They go around the world to collect the finest and exclusive designs for ArchiCover. 

The couple has traveled across borders in search of timeless pieces from the trade fairs both local and international. All these collectibles and luxury materials are accessible from their 1000 sq ft store in Europe. The store comprises various rarities and collectibles that are extravagant. 

Get to know more about the ArchiCover flagship store through the insights provided in this interview.

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

I have been in this industry for the past 20 years. I was a newbie when started at the age of 17 and I had already got my license when I was 18. It was quite a task to constantly prove oneself in an industry that is dominated by males. 

Working with the intricacies of the industry from such a young age, I know what clients expect. It’s been over a decade since I have come to Dubai. Here, everything has to be grand and luxurious. So, I most definitely know what they mean when they talk about high-end designs.

It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since I have been on this journey. With a flagship store in Vienna, and a company in the UAE. the extravagant taste of people in Dubai has been a huge place of inspiration for me. The vibrancy of the city allows me to be my true self. 

How do you incorporate creative ideas to differentiate yourself?

Being a collector of things that are unique and extra sets me apart from others. Being a creative person with a keen eye for colors, I always look for materials that speak vibrancy. The thing which holds dear to me is to meet the needs of my clients. There are plenty of ideas that I put into my work to maintain my individuality. 

One is the resonance of the client with the architect in terms of ideas. Both of them should be able to achieve the results without any restrictions. The client must feel at ease. 

Christiane Dania - Unveiling the Inspiration Behind ArchiCover Showroom

Second, is letting go of my primary style of doing work instead, working with the needs and individual designs of the clients.  Another one is working closely with the colors and shapes along with the basic rules of design.  The last thing that I look for is a material with high-quality handcraft which is truly a matter of dearness to me. It must be unique and should understand the needs of the client.

The journey of founder and co-founders?

The journey of the co-founder,  Christiane Dania, has been an absolute whirlwind. She begin her journey at the mere age of 17, she got her license at 18. Despite being told she was too young, she went against all the odds and proved herself. It was quite a challenge as real estate is a male dominant industry and proving herself was a task.  

The founders have their flagship store in Vienna and they work as an independent company in Dubai. The founders travel far and wide to collect pieces of exquisite taste and utmost uniqueness.            

What motivates you to persevere through difficult times?

My passion to do m job is what acts as a driving force for me to go further even in times of difficulty. Being a game player from a young age, she has been constantly kept in a position of difficulty in proving herself in the industry.     

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