Colabs Raises $3 Million Seed to Make It Easy for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers To Grow Businesses in Pakistan 

Lahore-situated Colabs has increased $3 million in a round spreadhead by Valley Capital, Fatima Gobi Ventures, and Zayn Capital, it declared in a report. This is the first time these three prime Pakistan-oriented VCs are funding jointly in a startup, stated the report. Colabs has early increased $1 million in a funding round. The round was also connected by Kinnow Capital, Sai Ventures, Shorooq Partners, Muir Capital, and some angel investors comprising William Hockey, Turner Novak, and Teddy Himler.

Established in 2019 by twin brothers – Ali Shah and Omar, Colabs makes capable freelancers and startups create and develop their businesses through its co-working places and various other services. The startup had begun with one of the biggest co-working places in the nation and has swiftly developed to become a crucial player in the domestic ecosystem by providing such as business incorporation, back-office solutions, and educational boot camps, comprising skill sourcing and maintenance, tax and legal adherence, and payroll maintenance.

With the current funds, the Lahore situated startup now wishes to create a tech layer on top of all these providing to give them to freelancers, startups, and other businesses all around the nation.

Omar Shah, co-founder, and CEO of Colabs stated, “We had established Colabs to assist rev the Pakistani startup ecosystem and we are very appreciative of what we have got in a bit other 3 years. Even though we are majorly witnessed as a co-working operator, what we have formed is a strong foundation to make it smooth for startups, freelancers, and also international corporations entering Pakistan, to begin and maintain their businesses. Today anybody searching to begin a corporation in Pakistan can utilize Colabs not just as a location where they act but also as a partner that handles their various back-office operations.”

Colabs also plans to utilize the funds to continue its extension around Pakistan – beginning with co-working places in Islamabad and Karachi. This set the targets to have a unity of around 10,000 members in the next two years. The corporation declares to have hosted more than 250 startups concerts in Pakistan following its founding, alluring more than 200,000 travelers to its feature to date. These schemes are constantly supporting Pakistan’s startup ecosystem via various initiatives. The first of such enterprises is Cogrow, an online portal that will compile and list startups, tech jobs, and investment corporations.

Arif Awan, Founder and Managing Partner of Indus Valley Capital stated, “The first time I visited Colabs, I got the community and power to be a microcosm of the quick-developing Pakistani tech ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with the Colabs team to assist them to create the prime podium and community that would power the development of Pakistani tech around freelancers, startups, and international corporations extending into Pakistan.”

Faisal Aftab, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Zayn Capital stated, “I have closely seen Colabs development into one of the major professionals in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. We were lucky sufficient to have completed a few of the startups we invested in, at their places. Omar and his staff constantly do an outstanding job to promote the development of the startup ecosystem here and we are curious about connecting with their trip in giving tens of thousands of freelancers and founders throughout Pakistan.”

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