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Mr. Sagar Kulkarni from India, founder of Consistent Engineering Consultants, and he is a Mechanical Engineer. With years of experience, he came to Dubai and started working with an Emirati company. After that, he did a job in a contracting company for three years. He makes a long contract with his company and learns a lot of things about consultants. Then he decided to start his own company in Dubai.

After more than a decade of engineering experience. Mr. Sagar Kulkarni established Consistent Engineering Consultants in Dubai in 2007. Weathering the high recession of 2008, he led the corporation to success and even formed a regional office in Mumbai, India. His dream, passion, and commitment to giving great quality services to clients transformed Consistent Engineering from a corporation of 5 workers, to a close-knit family of 80 members.

To the industry, he is a paragon of entrepreneurial ability and professional quality. Under his leadership. The team of Consistent has more than 500 projects in the Middle East, India, and Africa regions under its belt. Always focused on learning new skills and current knowledge, Mr. Kulkarni has earned a number of certifications like LEED and Estidama, WELL, and in energy auditing, energy management, and sustainable urban development.


Taking his inspiration from the stable places and lifestyle of the Ancient World, Mr. Kulkarni is also a robust advocate of sustainable development and building practices. Taking up the obligation of contributing towards the UN sustainable Goals, Brand Consistent has become a developing voice for sustainability.

He is a renowned member of several regional and global organizations like US green building, Emirates Green Building Council, Indian Green Building Council, ASHRAE, and ISHRAE. He has also been an influential speaker and professional panelist at different international events in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and India.

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