The DEWA Store offers 818 unique discounts and special offers in collaboration with public and private partners

Promoting a smart and sustainable lifestyle, these offers inspire customers to transform their homes into intelligent havens. Currently, an impressive roster of 818 offers awaits DEWA app users, available on Android, IOS, Huawei, and Apple Watch platforms.

Furthermore, DEWA extends its commitment to inclusivity by providing specialized services and discounts for People of Determination (POD), encompassing health clubs, educational opportunities, and rehabilitation programs.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, DEWA’s MD & CEO, underscores the company’s dedication to enhancing stakeholders’ quality of life and happiness. DEWA strives to foster positivity, sustainability, and a responsible ethos in society, aligning with the grand endeavor of positioning Dubai as the world’s most innovative and happiest city.

Al Tayer expressed,

“As an integral part of our social commitment, we are steadfastly devoted to the contentment and well-being of both UAE citizens and residents. Guided by the insightful vision of our wise leadership, who prioritize the happiness of individuals and society at large, DEWA remains dedicated to meticulous analysis and comprehension of stakeholder interactions. This pursuit fuels our pursuit of excellence and augments our proactive aptitudes, enabling us to provide swift and surpassing responses that transcend their expectations.

Central to DEWA’s strategy is a primary objective rooted in the happiness of stakeholders, a goal aimed at furnishing an unparalleled and seamless value-added experience. This endeavor has borne fruit, as evidenced by the surge in community happiness towards DEWA from 82% in 2013 to an impressive 93.02% in 2022. Furthermore, DEWA’s commitment to happiness is vividly illustrated by its exceptional score of 98% in the Dubai government’s Instant Happiness Index, administered by the Dubai Digital Authority.”

The DEWA Store encompasses an expansive spectrum of offerings, catering to diverse aspects of modern living. These encompass enticing discounts across a range of sectors, making life more convenient, efficient, and economical for users. Among the comprehensive selection of offerings are discounts on telecommunications, fostering seamless connectivity in the digital age. Additionally, the DEWA Store extends its benefits to the realm of smart living, transforming residences into intelligent havens that enhance convenience and comfort.

Banking services find representation in the array of discounted offerings, reflecting the DEWA Store’s commitment to providing a holistic financial experience for its users. Likewise, insurance services are also part of the package, emphasizing the Store’s holistic approach to user welfare.

As we delve into the sphere of technology, the DEWA Store’s portfolio expands to encompass discounts on innovative home systems. This offering not only underscores convenience but also aligns with modern sustainability efforts by promoting energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.

For those with a penchant for exploration and entertainment, the DEWA Store has not overlooked travel and leisure. Exclusive offers in this category enable users to embark on journeys and experiences that create lasting memories, all while adhering to budget-conscious decisions.

Acknowledging the importance of streamlined financial transactions, bank services are featured prominently in the DEWA Store’s offerings, emphasizing the user-centric approach adopted by the platform. Meanwhile, the inclusion of maintenance services signifies the Store’s dedication to providing a comprehensive solution that extends beyond initial purchase or engagement.

Consultancy services, too, find a place within the DEWA Store’s ecosystem, allowing users to access expert advice and guidance for a diverse range of needs. In a world where mobility is key, furniture moving companies step in to facilitate hassle-free transitions.

To address the vital aspect of consumption control, the DEWA Store extends its reach to devices that enhance energy and water consumption efficiency. This offering aligns seamlessly with modern sustainability goals while providing users with tangible savings.

Beyond the Store, DEWA extends a range of specialized smart services tailored for People of Determination (PODs), ensuring seamless access to its offerings and information. In its commitment to inclusivity, DEWA offers national PODs a host of additional advantages. These encompass favorable discounts or fee waivers made available through the Sanad Card. The card serves as a key to streamline procedures for the activation and deactivation of electricity and water services, as well as accessing essential customer information and clearance certificates. 

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