DEWA, UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Signs MoU to Assess Competencies of 30 Ministry Employees 

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Ministry of Climate Change of the UAE have signed an MoU to utilize the specialization of DEWA’s evaluation and evolvement hub to evaluate the behavioral competencies of 3- Ministry workers in supervisory status to purposely recognize their powers and spots for enhancement. The step supports the shared desire of DEWA and the Ministry and the strategic rapport between the two sides.

“Under the leaders of the good UAE administration, we put high significance on investing in human capital, as our government practices, whether government or local, have constantly concentrated on forming national abilities in government tasks to increase the services we offer and elevate their productivity to record levels.

The collaboration with DEWA’s A&DC is a consequence of the Ministry’s eagerness to advantage of the specialization of one of its very crucial strategic partners within the structure of government collaboration, and aligns with the values and purposes of the ministry of boosting a culture of creativity in government task and making capable all its workers to get the great levels of superiority as per the finest methods in career evolvement followed in the nation.” Stated HE Mariam Bin Mohammed Almheiri.

“The Memorandum of Understanding between DEWA and the Climate Change ministry is in line with the desire and demands of the good leadership of the UAE president, and Prime Minister of the country, to increase government incorporation and support methodic rapports between government and local units. At DEWA, we invent and evolve long-run proactive schemes that have formed our international administration.

It is because of our company’s dedication to ongoing enhancement and evolvement, adjusting the finest international usefulness along with the current innovative and creative method in human resource evolvement, ability forming, and continuous enhancement and evolvement of our Emirate Team. This support the dream of DEWA to become an internationally major stable inventive company.” stated Al Tayer.

“Our method and industries are aligned with country schemes and methods, comprising the country centennial 2071. We attach high significance to boosting stable evolvement and enhancing the share of transparent power, which is a major pillar for stability. We perform to get the purposes of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to give 100 percent of the emirate’s overall power ability from clean power sources by 2050. The MoU we marked today supports our dedication to adjusting the current inventions and utilizing the finest global methods in assessing and evolving human resources.

Through DEWA’s evaluation and evolvement hub, which comprises expert psychologists and globally knows and eligible emirate workers, we are eager to consolidate our status as a major corporation in the sector of evaluation and evolvement hubs to support government units and make sure a stable future for next generations.” Added Al Tayer.

According to the MoU, DEWA’s A&DC would evaluate the behavioral competencies of thirty workers to purposely recognize their powers and spots for enhancement and make a specific statement for every worker and have a conversation with them. Then a single evolvement scheme is ready for every worker. The ministry would comply with the evolvement schemes and give the essential training schedule.

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