Dina Abdul Majeed Revolutionizes Digital Support to Arab Mothers 

Dina Abdul Majeed is the founder and chief executive officer of 360Moms. Along with that, she is also a loving mother of two kinds. She wholeheartedly trusts in women’s self-determination and supports the thought that ladies can reach higher heights if they trust in themselves.

Through 360Moms, Dina Abdul Majeed set the target to aid mothers in their everyday lives. After having her second son, she faced challenges as a parent and required a trusted source where Dina can get answers to her questions. That is how she determined to begin 360Moms, an outstanding parenting podium concentrated on creation.

She committedly acts with her staff to increase their business. The smart application of 360Moms is a very helpful tool for all the moms out there. 360Moms also has social media existence on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Explain the background of you and your company 

I am the owner of 360Moms, an award-winning international mobile app giving parents a tool to aid solve their regular difficulties and situations. With 19 years of experience, I was formerly the “Chief of the creative team” in the Middle East and Africa at Yahoo. Before that, I was also an Art Director at multinational advertising companies.

Having a profession in design prior to beginning a business formed me very detail-focused. Moreover, it assisted me to act reasonably under pressure and be innovative in my manner of thinking. In life and work, I am a positive personality, a go-getter, and somebody who does not take no for an answer! So, I maintain researching solutions till I got the appropriate one.

What are your goals? 

The desire of 360Moms is to be the first digital personal help to moms in their regular lives. We aim to transform the digital support given to moms, strengthening them to form pleased and successful families.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now? 

We are the first parenting and health mobile app to customize the utilizer experience and give 360 degrees support; whether this is about linking moms with doctors, certified professionals that can assist with their regular difficulties, or giving them the current updates about their kid’s health, or giving them the most suitable discounts, they can find – we are supporting them each move of the manner.

In addition, our staff’s robust specialization in forming communicative mobile apps, inventing a simple utilizer experience, and robust content is what makes 360Moms a robust professional and a leader in the desire for moms’ support.

Why did your start this company? 

This all began after I had my second son. I encountered difficulties with my kid’s development and felt quite confused and overwhelmed since I cannot get any reasonable resources to provide me with answers, particularly in the Arab Region. I felt HELPLESS and understood that it is a big issue that not just I am facing but a lot of moms throughout the Arab region.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

I would state beginning a business without any business background. I had no concept of where to begin, and back in 2016, there was some support for business people and not sufficient understanding of the ways to begin a business. I am required to analyze, study, meet seasoned business people, and observe business courses. I’ve formed several mistakes and learned so many things to get where we are today.

The second challenge will be the issue of getting acquisition, particularly for women. Unluckily, studies demonstrate that women-founded startups in the MENA region got only 1.2 percent of the $2.87 billion around 639 deals in 2021. We have to alter that.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative? 

Like several startups, our marketing budget is bounded, so we require to think of inventive methods to access the public. One of our systems was to cross-promote with brands that completed to an audience that comprised moms, and this truly assisted us to access new people.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

First, quality is our first value. We contain it in all the things we do; brands we perform with, professionals, content, layout, and marketing process. This isn’t about quantity; this is always about quality.

Second, our client service is taken quite seriously, and we complete their requirements as a staff, making sure every utilizer is gotten satisfaction. Third, we do everything with love and fondness, and I think it demonstrates.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

360Moms would be a smart mobile app that trusts in Machine learning and intelligent algorithms to complete all mom’s requirements and difficulties. This would be the personal digital help to around six million moms in the Arab region. As the business extends and we enter a new market, I have to form more win-win strategic rapports. About our business-to-business clients, our rapport with clients is formed on grade, directness, and getting true outcomes.

We make sure to arrange monthly records and explore them so we can constantly be forming successful campaigns for our customers. As for our business to customers people, we continually perform on developing the utilizer experience and making it smooth. As I said above, client service is of prime importance for ensuring we have satisfied utilizes.

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