DMCC Named Global Free Zone of the Year for 8th Consecutive Year 

DMCC: The global leading free zone and Dubai government on commodities business – has been called Global Free Zone of the Year 2022 by the Financial Times FDI magazine for the 8th consecutive year.

The award, amongst the considerable esteemed awards a free zone can make, is determined by the Financial Times Professional staff and a committee of separate reviewers against a wider collection of standards and an examination of the ecosystem of the free zones. The strategy concentrates on metrics that show major development of the free zones, both in cases of the enhancement in small and big residents, and how effectively every free zone gives ecosystems and related industries that support development, business, and marketing method, infrastructure enhancements, COVID-response and promotion of stability.

Demonstrating the major business state and business center that DMCC has formed for ventures of all sizes, along with its central concentrate on stability and social effect.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the CEO and Executive Chairman, of DMCC, stated – “Since DMCC was formed in 2002, we have had two major targets, make an international gateway for business, and broadly improve the ease of running a business for our member corporations. This easy still vital method has underpinned our extreme development and is why our venture district is now house to more than 21,000 international ventures of all sizes and industries. As we constantly accelerate our development and break activity statements throughout all our business verticals, I’d like to thank Financial Times’ FDO Magazine for once again recognizing the accomplishments of the DMCC on the international level.”

Record-breaking Performance 

2021 watched DMCC get its finest performance at its beginning, alluring 2,485 new ventures from markets comprising India, the US, China, and the UK. This momentum was run into 2022 with DMCC watching the finest H1 on the statement, alluring 1,469 corporations to get the state’s overall to 21,000.

Going with these record-breaking measures are two major components of the methodology of the DMCC: enhancing the ease of running a business for corporations in the business district, permitting them to business productively and with faith, and giving the appropriate infrastructure and services that create the emirate an international gateway for business.

A World-class Community 

DMCC was even recognized for creating a wide array of upgrades and improvements throughout its business distinct to further the standing of the community as an amazing spot to reside, visit, and perform. This comprised an assignment that would watch all car park shades replaced with solar panel shades, consequence in a saving of 7,612 MWh of energy every year. DMCC also inaugurated an array of new sports and wellness amenities, alongside landscaping, and faced improvement throughout the district. More than 60,000 individuals work in JLT, the 87-tower business community.

DMCC also formed remarkable improvements in the execution of its new signature evolvement, Uptown Dubai District. The formation is nearly met at the first super tall tower of the district, Uptown Tower. Showing the remarkable investor faith in DMCC and Dubai. 22 floors of the workplace of the Uptown Tower have been fully pre-leased ahead of the formation accomplishment of the tower.

Enabling International Commodities Trade 

DMCC has continued to improve the position of Dubai as a major center for international commodities trade.

At the beginning of the year, DMCC convened the whole diamond sector for the Dubai Diamond Conference, at which Ahmed Bin Sulayem declared that the country is now the biggest rough diamond business center in the world. DMCC also currently declared that in H1 2022, the country traded an overall USD 19.8 billion value of rough and prepared diamonds, representing every year’s enhancement of 25%. Importantly, the country’s prepared diamond segment witnessed a statement of 52.5 percent development over H1 2021, presenting that the emirate is better in its manner of becoming the biggest diamond business center for the rough and prepared blend.

The Global Major Point for Cryptographic Technologies 

As a wider ecosystem for the evolvement and function of blockchain and other cryptographic technologies, the DMCC Crypto Centre has witnessed remarkable interest since its inauguration in mid-2021. This expansion has persisted into 2022, with 14 percent of new corporation registrations in H1 relating to crypto movements. The Crypto Centre now houses 450 crypto ventures, showing the biggest crypto ecosystem in the sector.

The Crypto Center gives a house to all sorts and sizes of crypto ventures, from corporations evolving blockchain-made capable forums, NFTs, and Metaverse climates through to companies trading crypto wealth.

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