Now Do Genome Testing At Home For AED999 

Emirates Post and Dante Labs join forces to distribute test kits to the doorsteps of residents

Today, you can order DNA testing kits delivered right directly to your doorstep in UAE. It was only Dh999.

A collaboration has been made with Emirates Post and Dante Labs, an international pioneer in precision medicine and genomics These kits, which are PCR testing kits, are available for purchase beginning next week. The alliance with Empost as well as Dante is in the wake of the announcement in the UAE of Dante Genomics’ operations in the UAE.

“The service offers genomic data that is available in Arabic in the very first instance using high-quality and cost-effective advanced genomics which can assess one’s health, well-being and longevity, as well as nutrition fitness, and nutrigenomics in addition to identifying emerging diseases.”

This service will be accessible at 10 main post offices in all seven emirates within the UAE. Genetic testing gives personalized data about one’s overall health and wellbeing in order to enable people to lead more healthily.

Emirates Post will take and deliver test kits supplied by Dante Labs to consumers in the UAE. Moreover, they will be establishing Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centres as a matter of deal and drop-off/group effectiveness to collect the kits for testing.

Andrea Riposati Group CEO of Dante Genomics states – “With the help of Emirates Post, today, “accessible” means that we are able to send it to anyone in the world due to the fact that Emirates Post has universal reach across the country.”

“Steve Jobs,” a few years ago, spent $100,000 to analyze his genome. It was a while ago, and still the present, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. We decided to settle for a price that was affordable of Dh999 together and Emirates Post.”

“Knowing the details of your gene’s make-up is an advantage. It is essential for transforming your life by adjusting your diet and physical exercise to live a longer and live a healthier, more long life. It is also important, that in the event that you are sick and are admitted to a hospital it is essential to be on medication to get rid of medications that may trigger an adverse reaction. it will also assist your physician to choose the appropriate treatment and medication.”

Genome testing kits assist in determining the way that people react to medications or food, physical activity, and even viruses. They play a critical part in containing disease and well-being.

The kit, which is purple, comes at a low cost and lets you collect yourself with simple-to-follow directions in just four steps. It also accelerates science to save lives.

“We’ve designed it in a way that it’s user-friendly. This is a Saliva Collection Kit which means that users collect saliva. There’s a substance inside the tube that preserves saliva for around 18 months. Then, we make utilization of Emirates Post to send it to our Clinical Sequencing Centre in the Dubai emirate. It does not require a nurse or an appointment with a doctor, and it does not require the collection of any blood sample. The system is effortless to operate, and can even be self-sampled. In the center for sequencing after the sample has arrived, we take the DNA from saliva and we then analyze the DNA sequence to generate an enormous amount of information to produce reports for the very initial time in Arabic… This is a universal solution for whole health and wellness. For certain people, it’s the genomics of medical issues such as diabetes, or cardiovascular disease that are currently very popular in the UAE.”

Peter Somers, CEO of Emirates Post, says – “Most people know that we’re a logistics firm and that our main focus is to deliver items to anyone’s home or offices for companies. We also offer collection services within our branches of the Poodle’s service point network, which is being built gradually. Also, the kits offered by Dante labs can be bought and then collected from our branches. We could even transport these kits to houses.

“So, we’re the logistical part of Dante laboratories located in UAE and that’s the reason this collaboration will be about. This collaboration also is a great example of the seamless service that we provide our customers with the delivery system, one of among the largest in the world.”

Riposati stated that their goal is to provide genomics to everyone with the most advanced technology available in healthcare to offer customized preventive healthcare solutions through the provision of new-generation diagnostic tools directly to patients and healthcare professionals.

Riposati stated – “In the next few years, each child’s DNA sequence could be collected by doctors when they birth the baby and will allow for individualized health and wellness services in order to allow the patient to live a long and healthier life.”

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