DP World And CDPQ Invest US$5 Billion In Strategic Assets In The UAE 

DP World and CDPQ, an international acquisition unit, declared today’s acquisition of US$5 billion in three of DP world’s premier UAE assets.

CDPQ would invest US$2.5 billion in the Jebel Ali Port, the Jebel Ali Free Zone, and the National Industries Park through a new combined partnership in which this would hold a share of around 22%, with the rest of the marketing standing financed by obligation. Other long-term investors would have the chance to obtain an extra share of up to US$3 billion. The transaction indicates an overall venture worth of around US$23 billion for the three assets.

The Jebel Ali Port, Free zone, and National Industries Park together include a best-in-class unit of infrastructure with a strong long-term track record of development. Joint, they build a premier logistics ecosystem for the supply chains of more than 8,700 corporations from throughout the globe, giving over 3.5 billion people internationally. The three assets produced a Pro-forma 2021 profit of US$1.9 billion.

  • Jebel Ali Port – A prime global gateway port and the 2nd biggest outside of Asia, perfectly based to serve the East-West business corridor through its link to 150 cities internationally through over 180 shipping lanes.
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone – The biggest free zone throughout the Middle East and one of the biggest across the globe. This is home to corporations from 140 nations, comprising around 150 fortune 500 ventures.

The three assets would remain completely compact businesses within the DP World Group, and regular functions, clients, workers, and services providers would be not impacted.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEP, DP World, stated – “We are pleased to declare the extending our rapport with CDPQ. The DP World and CDPQ co-acquisition have been extremely prosperous, thanks to our complimentary specialization and long-term acquisition horizon. We trust this new rapport would increase our assets and permit us to capture the remarkable development probable of the broader territory.

The transaction also gets our purpose of decreasing DP World’s net leverage to under 4x Net Debt to EBITDA and it is got despite the difficulties of the pandemic and current world economic situations. The remarkable strengthening of our balance sheet, the resumed strength of our business, diversity in our portfolio, and constant concentration on supply chain solutions would support our goal of getting a robust acquisition-grade score for the unit. Total, we trust this transaction gives a robust podium for the UAE assets to complete their long-term development purpose, while the powerful balance sheet supports the Unit’s broader end-to-end supply chain solution system, which would drive stable worth for all DP World shareholders.”

Emmanuel Jaclot, Executive Vice-president and Head of Infrastructure at CDPQ stated – “This acquisition in Jebel Ali is another high definition of the collaboration between CDPQ and DP World, which now travels four mainlands and 18 airfields. Today, we are delighted to heighten our long-term rapport with a cutting-edge supply and logistic chain operator by supporting this strategic commerce infrastructure, one that would play a climactic part in the expansion of the international economy. DP World is well-positioned to give inventive solutions to its clients globally, and we welcome the possibility to invest in a best-in-class unit of infrastructure that gives CDPQ direction to new quick-developing markets and trade routes in South Asia and Africa.”

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