DP World Wins Global Vaccine Logistics Award 

DP World has got the “Best Logistics Technology & Cold Chain Delivery” award at this year’s Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards, held in Washington DC.

The award recognized DP World’s work over the previous two years to manage difficulties in vaccine delivery and supply chain bottlenecks. For the previous 21 years, the World Vaccine Congress has developed into the prime vaccines congress internationally, with an agenda shaped by an international scientific advisory board.

The shortage of a unified worldwide response to the pandemic presents a hurdle to international health, freedom of movement, and economic recovery. Technology and partnerships to pool specialization and resources have been crucial in overcoming these hassles.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group Chairman, and CEO stated – 

“When the first COVID-19 vaccines were declared, DP World was fast to recognize the range of the difficulty included in distributing this to billions of people globally. We are proud that our international employees and features have played a part in making sure the vaccines reach those most requirements. We should learn lessons from this pandemic to make the sure equal and reasonable reach to vital supplies, regardless of wealth pr geography.”

DP World’s cold-chain features, like those in Caucedo port, span warehousing space, and moving goods, and vehicles, make sure that DP World covers the whole journey from the laboratory up to the point of injection. In the Dominican Republic, this meant allocating over 8 million COVID-19 vaccines throughout the nation.

DP World’s suite of digital technologies, like CARGOES Flow, also assisted its partners to identify blockages in their supply chains and seamless the flow of medical supplies around borders. Lastly, the World Logistics Passport initiative, in which DP World is a partner, eliminates business hurdles and increases business routes to enhance and feature trade between nations – simplifying the movement of these vital supplies.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we signed a three-year partnership with UNICEF to support its COVAX mission. DP World has given UNICEF free global reach to our logistical services, assisting it to give 2 billion vaccine doses by 2022 in hard-to-reach countries.

Alongside, UNICEF, DP World is a major partner in the Dubai Vaccine Logistics Alliance performing with Emirates and Dubai Airports to allocate vaccines by land, air, and sea to manage functional difficulties in rising markets hard-hit by the pandemic.

The previous mile can be the very difficult part of delivery, with vaccines usually damaged by temperature changes. DP World has currently partnered with UK-based Ideabatic to allocate an inventive freeze-free and fail-safe cool box to ensure these life-saving vaccines access their aims.

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