Dubai Can Initiative Cut Single-Use Plastic Bottle Usage by 3.5 Million

Dubai Can, the citywide stability movement started on 14 Feb 2022 by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has witnessed mitigation in the utilization of an equivalent of over 3.5 million 500 ml single-use plastic water bottles.

The action has gained this extraordinary success as figured by water consumed from Dubai Can water fountains formed all over the city. Throughout the previous 6 months, 46 fountains have been formed in different spots throughout the city, comprising public parks, beaches, and tourist appeals, with the assistance of the industry’s shareholders and partners. The partners are now in different Dubai places.

Transforming Mindsets 

Since the inauguration of the campaign, the action has expanded far over the fountains themselves, with individuals throughout the city inspired to buy refillable bottles for utilizing at the fountains and in their hotels and houses. Several private corporations have invested in water fountains for their offices to discourage workers from utilizing one-time-use plastics in their office spaces. In addition, the industry has inspired UAE tenants to make behavioural alters and encourage conscious consumerism to get a more stable planet.

The Dubai Can industry set the target to get about a mindset alter in how the metropolis’ tenants and travellers see stability, initiating the changes at the person grade and then progressing to the grade of community, city, country, and over the country. The action inspired inventive methods of changing our consumption action, one-time-use plastic bottles at one time. This aims to preserve natural resources for future generations and add to their stability.

Refill for Life 

The Dubai Can industry targets to constant producing positive climate alter and encourage the tenants, travellers, and companies of the city to create mindful and climate-friendly options. Several valued shareholders from the business and tourism industries have pledged to form a fountain. Dubai Can is well on the path to completing the pledge of forming over 50 fountains throughout the city by December 2022.

The industry’s efforts feed into the dedication of the emirate to completing the UN stable evolvement targets, enhancing the city’s position as an international center, and making sure that individuals throughout the metropolis have the prospect to refill for life.

The campaign aligns with the city’s stable method. The concentration on decreasing the utilization of one-time-use plastic bottles is the first move of an enduring citywide stability industry. As the momentum for stability figures accelerated, a ban on all one-time-use plastic bags came into effect on 1 June as a portion of over wider UAE industry to secure the climate and decrease waste.

Robust Shareholder Support 

More than the previous six months, the Dubai Can industry has been supported by more than 750 shareholders from the private and government sector.

Tatiana Rahal, MD at Talabat UAE – “We are proud to stand Dubai Can’s a founding partner and mark its 6 months milestone with strong outcomes. When we first learned about the industry, we understand it was probable to create a positive effect in the community along with improving our rider’s health. This has been specifically rewarding to watch that not just our riders but all delivery riders are benefitting from holding reach to free water refill machines, particularly throughout the summertime.” 

Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer, Shamal Holding commented – “Dubai Can is a prime sensation since its inauguration, and we have witnessed its popularity develop exponentially among Dubai tenants. We’re proud to play a constant part in this industry holding formed free, refillable water stations throughout our Dubai Harbour and other spots. These fountains have inspired tenants and travellers to decrease their reliance on one-time-use plastic water bottles and support stable solutions to create our communities healthier and our oceans safer and more hygienic. 

This is foremost to respect and maintain our connection with the seas and inspire the security of our climate. As we act to increase awareness throughout climate problems and increase positive alter, we see ahead to constant our cooperation with the government and other major shareholders.” 

Ibrahim Al Zu’bi, Chief Sustainability Officer at Majid Al Futtaim, stated – “Dubai Can is another high industry that presents emirate’s action to stand at the first of stability finest practices and invention. We are highly proud to constantly play a crucial part in the country’s trip to Net Zero 2050, directing by instance in decreasing our footprint along with influencing the behaviour of our clients and communities to reach Net Positive by 2040.”

Dubai can constantly create a positive climate effect on the metropolis and has further made sure that tenants and travellers rest cleaner and healthier. All water stations throughout the emirate abide by the great hydrated norms and strictly comply with municipal, federal, and healthcare rules. This comprises giving safe and hygienic water, which is tested as per the DEWA, GCC, and WHO norms. 

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