Dubai Future Academy Launches Three New Digital Courses To Promote Futuristic Skills

The employment of foresight equipment is in line with the desire of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Ruler of Dubai, and Prime Minister of UAE, that highlights the significance of the employment of forethought equipment to future improve the status of Dubai as a world director in the sector of future formation.

The inauguration of the new courses also comes in line with Dubai Future Foundation’s actions to increase future understanding and evolve an international details example that keeps the abilities and capabilities of future designers in different sectors and makes them capable of the required equipment. It also highlights the significance of making for the future and its modifications proactively and using future possibilities in a great manner.

These free digital courses permit candidates from the UAE and from throughout the world to improve their skills in a range of sectors and to present them with vital possibilities in the sectors of Future strategies, Future literacy, and technologies, comprising the very superior manners to employ future precognition equipment in different private and government sectors.

Saeed Al Gergawi, Chief of Dubai Future Academy, another industry at Dubai Future Foundation, stated that making members of the public with future forethought equipment is one of the very crucial pillars for Dubai Future Foundation, adding – “This industry is an open door to anybody who has the aim to make a mark in the sector of future formation.”

The Dubai Future Foundation concentrated on forming the abilities of the youth and encouraging them, by giving them the talents they require to use future possibilities. As we constantly boost this process throughout our schedules, we would even perform together to listen to the concepts and goals of the scheduled players so we can constantly enhance and grow them to suit the requirements of the players while giving the major purpose of the Dubai Future Foundation’s vision, which is to assign future creators with the very crucial required skills.”

“Through this endeavor, we target to export Dubai’s route of future thinking to the world by opening up the possibility to everybody to take part in these schedules, and this supports the sharing of future knowledge based on a full and consolidated desire that maintains with the altering times and the new movements along with employs the current inventive methods.” Added Al Gergawi.

Innovative Future Programs 

This digital industry embraces a creative strategy that gives involvements a different learning experience and makes them capable of applying practical skills in their personal and professional lives. The courses are formed in a manner that permits learners to select when to see the pre-recorded lectures without the need to commit to a schedule. It permits learners to prevent the speed by which they take the courses.

Learners would get a certification from the Dubai Future Foundation, once they have done the course, clear the final exam with 90% or more, and formed a concept for a future industry that forms Dubai and the UAE’s Future.

Foundation of Foresight 

Course 1, titled Foundations of Foresight, desires to instruct learners on the crucial foundations of Future Foresightedness, its ideas, and values, its role in the current world, the ways of analyzing plans, and the instruments for using these rules of methodic review.

Foundations of Emerging Technologies 

Learners in the foundations of rising technologies course would learn about the very crucial technological forethought equipment within today’s rising technology, possibilities to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain apps, extended and virtual reality, 3D printing, the internet of things, and others.

Foundations of Futures Literacy 

The 3rd duration, titled foundations of Futures Literacy, makes learners capable to research, study, and rehearse future interaction skills and equipment, improve mind, vibrant, and inspirational abilities and introduce them to the very crucial skills of the 21st century and giving equipment to form thinking ahead attitude that aids them vigorously take part in making the future.

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