Dubai Introduces ‘JOOD, Platform, A Centralized Hub for Social and Humanitarian Contributions 

Under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prime of Dubi and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, and showcasing the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, the Community Development Authority has introduced the Dubai Community Contributions Platform, or “JOOD.”

The platform works as a central hub devoted to championing and strengthening social and humanitarian efforts in Dubai. Its goal is to motivate the active involvement of shareholders and reinforce the base of stable community evolvement in contrition to the targets specified forth by the Dubai Social Agenda 33. 

Leading in its method, the forum is devoted to inspiring a spirit of “Giving Back to the Community” and desires for the formation of a strong and proactive social care and empowerment method by delivering a protected, trusted, and officially endorsed profit for social liability supports. 

Desiring to involve corporations, business people, entities, and people of myriad nationalities, the industry stipulates their participation in stable projects desired to empower society in vital industries like education, health, and social welfare. The platform’s overarching goal is to make sure clarity and effectiveness in harnessing the support of corporations to lead to promoting cooperation among shareholders to enrich and advance the social sector. 

Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, Director-General of the Community Development Authority in Dubai, underscored the value of the JOOD platform as a creative and modern channel for pushing community empowerment activities in this city. Working as a facilitator for entities, corporations, business industries, and people, it desires to simplify and institutionalize support to stable community assignments, with a major concentration on crucial sites like education, social care, and health. 

Emphasizing the strategic nature of the JOOD industry, she outlined its spirit of “giving back to the community.” This industry permits inspiration from the dream of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid along with the support and assistance of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, she stated. 

The JOOD industry is devoted to promoting a strong, interdependent, and stringent society, in alignment with the goal of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. Its major goal is to improve the usefulness and forceful intent of social care and empowerment methods, eventually translating into favorable results for society both in the present and the future. 

Buhumaid described how JOOD embodies the nature of Emirati culture, rooted in solidarity and generosity. The industry supports the timeless customs and conventions of Emirati citizens, showing a speedy devotion to helping those who are required and improving their health through thin and thick. She commended the robust aim presented by business people, tenants, and citizens, to support the vital social programs and advancing societal evolvement. 

The Industry differentiates itself by making business sectors and corporations strong to channel their corporate social liability supports toward assignments with a great favorable effect on society, specifically in vital places like health, community empowerment, and education. This remarkably supports understanding the goal highlighted in the Dubai Social Agenda 33, with the desire to make Dubai among the top 3 cities across the world in cases of reputation of living a decade from now. 

Ahmed Darwish Al Muhairi, Director-General of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, stated that the Jood PLATFORM FOR COMMUNITY SUPPORTS is one that assists realize the leadership’s desire to force social improvement. The forum itself works as a reliable destination for those aiming to support humanitarian, charitable, and evolvement work in Dubai and features direct electronics nations, he said. 

Al Muhairi outlined that the department works hard to make its part within society even more effective and complete its liability by setting an instance in cases of its charitable work. This objective is gained and humanitarian work. Supervising and regulating donations is another vital factor of its work, moreover consolidating and fostering a culture of philanthropy and human solidarity by inspiring people and entities to support wide and stable human evolvement actions through the legal department-certified channels, he stated. 

Working with the JOOD platform makes capable of deeper involvement between the domestic community, people, non-profit units, corporations, and charitable acquisitions, opening up further prospects to support humanitarian reasons, enhancing describing factors of Arab society, he stated. 

The JOOD platform desires to promote private industry participation through corporate social liability in community evolvement and improvement assignments. In addition, it looks to strengthen social cohesion among members of society, make sure clarity about the usage of societal support from corporations and people, and foster cooperation with relatable authorities to support and advance the social industry. 

The JOOD platform leads support toward community assignments with a concentration on stable effect, prioritizing support for students, education, scientific analysis, and evolvement, healthcare measures improvement, and community security standards. In addition, it features the construction and equipping of social centers, improving the long-term usefulness of support from corporations, businesses, and people. 

This industry stands from a cooperative action among 11 government departments in Dubai, connecting with the regulations of the Dubai Government to empower regulations in the community support industry. This looks to set up a forum that harmonizes the corporate social liability guidelines of Dubai and the social liability methods of institutions and corporations within the emirate. By incorporating effective societal effects. Rooted in the rule of ‘giving back to the community’, these industries aspire to be effective nations, and all segments of society to the fullest extent potential. 

“Jood” serves as a cohesive and trustworthy platform dedicated to showcasing and endorsing initiatives, projects, and campaigns put forth by various institutions. It emphasizes critical needs, making it easier for new donors to contribute and align with the social responsibility plans of the private sector. The platform provides a unified space where institutions can present their proposals, fostering collaboration and facilitating meaningful contributions to address pressing issues.

The ( platform empowers both institutions and individuals to make direct contributions to featured initiatives and projects using electronic payment or bank transfer methods. It ensures transparency by offering regular updates on project status and advancements toward completion. Additionally, the platform provides documented reports of contributions, customized to meet social responsibility requirements. This method not only fosters sustainable performance but also delivers diverse benefits to contributors.

Through its digital interface, the “Jood” platform provides seamless and direct access for immediate contributions to a variety of community initiatives. Contributions can be made conveniently through the platform ( or swiftly through the “Dubai Now” application. The platform goes beyond by illustrating the links between each showcased initiative and the relevant sustainable community development goals, encompassing environmental, social, and governance factors. This commitment to transparency ensures a streamlined and effective process, promoting efficiency and accountability.

In accordance with Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, the ( platform underscores the value of global partnerships. It emphasizes the pivotal role of a shared purpose and a steadfast commitment to harnessing the collective efforts of diverse institutions globally in the pursuit of sustainability. Moreover, the platform highlights the importance of fostering partnerships between governments, the private sector, and civil society to propel advancements towards sustainable development.

The ( platform establishes a well-defined institutional framework for receiving contributions from companies and individuals. It focuses on supporting strategic, purposeful, and sustainable community initiatives that empower Dubai society and align with the objectives of the Dubai Social Agenda. The platform endeavors to enhance the institutionalization of social responsibility contributions, reinforcing Dubai’s role as a pioneer in fostering a unified, solidarity-based society that embraces individuals, groups, and sectors alike.

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