Dubai Launches the Robotics and Automation Program

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation declared the inauguration of the Dubai Robotics and Automation Program to increase the evolvement, texting, and application of robotics and automation, and accelerate the utilization of its application in major economic sectors.

The inauguration took spot throughout His Highness’s visit to Dubai Future Labs – an applied study and evolvement feature specialized in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The new industry would increase Dubai’s local and international leadership and power its status as a city with one of the greatest grades of readiness across the globe to adjust future technologies.

“The Dubai Robotics and Automation schedule targets to increase the industry’s contribution to the GDP of Dubai to 9% within ten years. We look to form the emirate one of the globe’s cities in Robotic and Automation by adjusting and evolving modern robotics technologies, empowering national skills, and producing inventing new resolutions, services, and products.” His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed stated.

Spreadhead by the Dubai Future Foundation, the schedule, which facilitates 5 major industries, would concentrate on accelerating study and evolvement in 5 spots. As part of the schedule, 200,000 robots would stand given more than the next ten years to boost productivity in different industries comprising services, logistics, and the industrial initiative, and increase the competitiveness of the economy of Dubai.

H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed stressed that the emirate’s modern infrastructure and skilled employees provide it with several competitive powers in this quickly developing international initiative. “Dubai would concentrate on advancing R&D in 5 major spots in the industry – manufacturing and production, Tourism and consumer services, connected mobility and healthcare, and logistics.”

He stated that the major purpose of the schedule is to get the desire of the Vice President of the UAE, to change Dubai into an international spot for invention in Robotics and Automation apps. The evolvement of the industry would support the diversification of Dubai’s future economy and assist form an involved knowledge base that can support making new economic possibilities and enhancing the life quality.

Program Initiatives 

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan lead the allocation of laboratories to evolve robotics and automation technologies, support analysis, testing, evolvement, experimentation, and integration activities, give a supportive forum for cooperative assignments, make prototypes, and include the public in inventive product experiences.

He underlined the significance of furnishing domestic skills and rising corporations with modern equipment and talents that are hoped to stand in great demand in the future and evolving training schedules in collaboration with government and private units, universities, and R&D hubs domestically and internationally.

H.H Hamdan called on government units of Dubai and the private sector to power collaborate with domestic and global study and academic units to evolve a regulatory and lawful climate that supports the development of robotics and automation in the emirate and make a wide domestic knowledge-based for norms, technical specifications, and modern methods. His Highness also tensed the significance of fostering rapport with local and global universities to support skill evolvement, improving practical study, and producing inventive resolutions to enhance the efficiency of the economy of the country.

All industries that would stand held and inaugurated as part of the schedule would stand supervised by the Dubai Council for R&A, which consists of representatives from public and private industries and academic units.

The execution of the Dubai robotics and automation schedule supports the evolvement of different important and future-focused industries in the emirate, comprising, space, education, transportation, artificial intelligence, and healthcare, among others.


  1. Under the governance pillar, the schedule looks for evolve structure and supportive mechanism to form and sustain an optimal climate for robotics and automation evolvement, institutionalize cooperation between robotics and automation developers, make a favorable regulatory and lawful climate, formulate norms, and make a wider knowledge base.
  2. As part of the second pillar, the schedule would look to support scientific R&D, enhance funding allocation in major spots, increase the participation of domestic skills and enhance the pool of experts skilled in R&D in R&A.
  3. Within the 3rd pillar, the robotics and automation schedule of Dubai would aid initiatives to adjust and use technologies, decrease the price of robotics application, institutionalize acquisition collation in robotics and automation, support R&A method integration, make sure public acceptance for new methods, and improve prices of robotics technologies implementation.

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