Dubai Municipality Declares Winter Camping Season Dates; Opens Permit Applications 

Officials have made sure that camping sports are furnished with fundamental stockpiles and hygienic, secure, and protected spots in preparation for the new season.

“Dubai Municipality declared that it would begin getting apps for brief winter camp passes beginning on October 18, 2022. The camping period at Al Awir-1 would start on November 1, 2022, and would last till the end of April 2023.”

It declaration supports the Municipality’s measures to feature productive benefits for the Dubai residents to make sure their satisfaction and well-being.

The authority is ready to get permit apps for temporary camps throughout the 2022-2023 session. In cooperation with Dubai Police, Roads and Transport Authority, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, and the Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality has made sure that camping sites are furnished with vital supplies, as well as clean, secure, and safe spots for camping lovers. The municipality teams are ready to complete all the needs camping lovers can have and make sure that high winter experiences are in store for them.

Individuals of determination and their security and happiness are even standing first so that they also can have a good camping experience. in addition, many areas have been allocated for store owners to give products and services to camping lovers, and government departments even have been given committed areas to make sure the happiness and well-being of their workers.

Permit Terms 

Dubai Municipality even said that all essential documents should stand presented with the permit app through the official website of Dubai Municipality, comprising a legal passport copy granted by Dubai, and an extract of the civil register.

The allowed duration for camping is 6 months, with a minimum of three-month access. This expenses 44 fils per square meter weekly, and camping lovers can’t exceed 4—square meters for each individual camp.

He further emphasized that permit holders aren’t permitted to rent camps or give a prospect to others to occupy them. The camps aren’t meant for commercial utilization and renting to corporations or hotels isn’t allowed – the amenities are planned just for family utilization.

Specialized Team 

The municipality has held a committed staff to handle the temporary winter camps, who would stand liable for complying with the permit problems and ensuring they are done promptly. They would even stand liable for addressing problems and hassles hindering the app procedure, operating periodic sector supervising of campsites to make sure municipality rules and regulations mentioned in the permit are complied with, and monitoring the restoration of the campsite for the next season.

In addition, the staff would even collect feedback from clients and make sure they are documented and managed. They would even present their recommendations for consideration and assessment so that the municipality can form the essential amends for an increased experience for community staff.

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