Dubai reviews Dubai Municipality’s key strategic projects

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council, stated – “In addition to delivering essential services, Dubai Municipality is dedicated to promoting the welfare, contentment, and joy of all inhabitants of Dubai. The Municipality’s ongoing corporate transformation is poised to elevate the caliber of its initiatives, and we anticipate even greater achievements in the future.”

H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the UAE, stated – “As a diverse metropolis, Dubai aims to become the most stunning and preeminent city worldwide under the guidance of Mohammed bin Rashid. Dubai Municipality’s corporate transformation projects are making positive strides, and the Municipality’s endeavors in facilitating growth and collaborating with private enterprises will solidify Dubai’s global eminence.” 

Today, Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Maktoum were welcomed to Dubai Municipality, where they received updates on the organization’s operations since the commencement of its restructuring, as well as its advancements in various strategic plans and key initiatives. Mattar Al Tayer, the Commissioner General for the Infrastructure, Urban Planning, and Well-Being Pillar, and Dawoud Al Hajri, the Director General of Dubai Municipality, greeted Their Highnesses upon their arrival.

During their tour, Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Maktoum visited the “Beginning of the Journey” exhibition, which showcased a collection of photographs documenting the evolution of Dubai Municipality over the years and its most significant milestones. 

The exhibition featured pictures of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum at the Municipality’s opening ceremony in 1979, Queen Elizabeth II’s visit, the opening of the Dubai World Trade Centre, the construction of the Al Maktoum Bridge, and archival images of historical and archaeological sites. Their Highnesses proceeded to the Hall of the Future, where Dubai Municipality’s achievements were graphically showcased.

The executive leaders of Dubai Municipality provided Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Maktoum with a detailed briefing on the progress of the corporate transformation and the most significant outcomes achieved thus far. The activation of the Municipality’s new organizational structure has already reached an 80% completion rate, and the executive directors have successfully implemented 170 initiatives under the 100-day plans. 

Their Highnesses were also apprised of Dubai Municipality’s objectives for the next phase of development, which involves the implementation of 200 corporate transformation initiatives in 2023-2024. The Municipality desires to improve private sector associations in projects to 60% and earn a customer happiness rate of 90%.

Over the last two years, Dubai Municipality has been actively involved in enhancing the city’s beauty by planting more than 500,000 trees at a rate of 500 trees per day. Over 136 million seeds have also been produced. 

The Municipality’s sustainability initiatives, including the 100-Year Project that includes the biggest and longest endurable rainwater tunnel, have significantly contributed to Dubai’s environmental well-being. The Municipality’s hard work has resulted in impressive soil, air, and water quality indices.

Dubai is the best city to live in

Dubai Municipality has significantly increased land allocation for citizens’ residential areas, achieving a 200% increase in 2023. To enhance residents’ quality of life, the Municipality designed over 70 residential parks, family squares, and sports grounds in citizens’ residential locations between 2020 and 2022.

Additionally, it designed a 50 km mountain bike track in the Mushrif National Park. The Municipality’s efforts also included more than 6 million review visits and lab examinations between 2020 and 2022 to ensure high grades of public health and security and food security. All of these initiatives aim to maintain Dubai’s status as the world’s best city to live in.

Future initiatives and projects

During the visit, the executive leaders of Dubai Municipality briefed Their Highnesses on the upcoming initiatives of the Municipality, such as the cooperative forum on the Municipality’s website that will showcase all acquisition prospects available. 

The platform will provide the chance to submit new ideas or utilize existing investment opportunities, have them evaluated and approved, and manage contracts. The platform will also offer demographic and engineering information on areas in Dubai to support investors in making informed decisions, in addition to offering unique opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The Geospatial Digital Twin Project is an innovative endeavor that involves creating a digital representation of Dubai in the form of 3D maps. This digital twin will contain a wealth of information related to various aspects such as facilities, assets, population, business, transportation, and the environment. By combining all stakeholders interested in the city’s expansion and utilizing the data collected, the Project aims to improve the grade of life of citizens and contribute to shaping a brighter future for the emirate.

The Project aligns with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan and sustains the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. By providing a reliable 3D map of Dubai, the initiative enables Metaverse applications to offer dependable services. Overall, the Geospatial Digital Twin Project is a critical step toward creating a more sustainable, connected, and prosperous future for Dubai.

Dubai Municipality is undertaking a commendable project aimed at enhancing stability in the function of infrastructure investments and decreasing energy consumption by 50% annually. The project involves the conversion of biogas into energy and is supported by an advanced sewage system.

The system boasts an extensive network of more than 3 million meters, comprising 10 major pumping stations, 110 substations, and 56 rainwater pumping stations. Additionally, it includes two wastewater treatment plants, namely the Warsan plant and the Jebel Ali plant. The Warsan plant has a daily capability of 260,000 cubic meters, while the Jebel Ali plant has a daily capacity of 675,000 cubic meters.

Their Highnesses were reported on the ambitious ‘Dubai Beautification Agenda’ that aims to enhance the city’s landscape and promote the well-being of citizens and travelers. The initiative includes creative assignments and endeavors to beautify various areas, such as streets, corners, pedestrian walkways, residential spaces, public courts, and historical places.

During their visit, Their Highnesses also witnessed a methodic drill demonstration that concentrated on fixing a damaged irrigation pipeline. The simulation took place at the Command and Control Centre, which acts as the central hub for controlling and observing all Municipality functions in Dubai. 

The Centre sustains the work of first aiders who manage difficulties and troubles. Furthermore, it aids the Municipality’s leadership team in making prompt decisions by utilizing state-of-the-art geospatial analysis tools, technologies, and advanced methodologies.

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