Dubai Strengthens Its Status As One of the World’s Most Open Cities Post-Pandemic 

The Arabian Travel Market 2022 ended last week having allured over 23,000 visitors from around the globe as its first complete-ability event since the pandemic.

The four-day event, which increased its visitors from the previous year, obtained jointly 1,500 vendors and visitors from 150 nations, showing evolving reputation of the Dubai emirate as the world’s most open city in the post-pandemic.

The city’s outstanding management of the pandemic and its capability to give one of the world’s secured climates and the collecting speed of its economic development has formed it a desired global location for business, events, and tourism. The boosting spirit of international visitors in the Dubai emirate is carried out by the truth that major hands in its tourism, hospitality, and MICE industries are now completing and also surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

Tourism Hotspot 

The Dubai emirate greeted nearly four million global overnight travelers between January and March 2022, an ample 214% development from the previous year, solidifying its status as the first option location for international visitors. The city also ranked No 1 internationally in hotel utilization in the first quarter of 2022, with 82%.

Dubai international also recorded its most active quarter since 2020, with 13.6 million travelers passing through its gate in the first quarter of 2022. Travelers traffic in Dubai’s airport surpassed the ten million mark for the second successive quarter in Q1 2022. In March this year alone, Dubai International Airport witnessed 5.5. million travelers.

The 26th season of Global Village finished currently with a record-breaking 7.8 million travelers. In its most extended season ever, Global Village was open for 194 days, four over its last report. Moreover, the constant Dubai Food Festival, and the 25th edition of Dubai Summer Surprise, the sector’s largest festival of its type, are set to significantly increase tourist arrivals and support Dubai’s attraction as a summer tourism destination.

The city attracts food-lovers with its world-popular chefs, international restaurant brands, home-grown restaurants, and street food encouraged by the more than 200 nationalities residing in Dubai. In addition, the emirate’s current preference as the No.1 spot for City lovers and No.4 spot for food lovers in the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice awards 2022 validates the emirate’s ongoing attraction for international travelers. Besides its diversified travel and tourism occasions, trust in security and health measures has played a prime part in the popularity of the emirate.

The world’s prime MICE destination 

In 2021, the emirate formed itself as the world’s prime meetings, industries, conferences, and concerts spot, showcasing several events that place it at the heart of the international discussion on the recovery of major regions. As per the Department of Economy and Tourism of the Dubai emirate, the city has caught overall 120 events for the year 2021 and above that are set to get together overall 70,000 opinion leaders, the government authorities, and industry experts.

Expo 2020 Dubai, the biggest exhibition in the history of World Expos, witnessed 192 participating nations arriving together for connecting minds and making the future into a carnival of culture, science, and creation. The six-month huge international festival allured more than 24 million visits by tenants and international visitors. Other international events that assisted industry international trade comprised the Dubai World Cup, Gulfood, Binance Blockchain, Dubai international boat show, and the iconic Dubai Shopping Festival. This year’s world government summit in the emirate brought together over 4,000 global attendees, comprising top government authorities to share concepts for forming supportive governments that can tackle the difficulties of the future.

Sports Tourism Hotspot 

Over the last year, the emirate’s sports sector appeared as a major motorist of the emirate’s tourism recovery, alluring fans, and players from throughout the globe and further improving the emirate’s status as a multidimensional spot. Prime winners and previous champions are in the headlines of a start-studded sector at the Dubai Desert Classic possessed at Emirates Golf Club in January this year. The world’s prime tennis players took part in the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships men’s tournament, which observed its 30th anniversary in February this year. In November previous year, the emirate was also the forum for the cluster of the matches and the final of the month-long ICC men’s T20 Cricket World Cup, adhered to fondness by billions of cricket lovers.

Health Tourism Gathers Pace 

The previous year also witnessed the emirate powering its position as one of the world’s top-ranked health tourism spots with 630,000 global health tourists, as per a statement declared by the Dubai Health Authority. Paying global patients touched around AED 730 million in the previous year despite the international pandemic COVID – 19.

The emirate’s evolution as one of the most open spots in the post-pandemic world shows its capability to reform itself in a developing international climate. The huge global diversity of its travelers also shows the emirate’s increasing position as a city that forms international markets and cultures.

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