Dubai’s Energy Supply is Secured at the Lowest Cost with DEWA

DEWA changes the enterprising desire and growth renaissance in Dubai into mega assignments and profitable possibilities, particularly in the energy, water, and climate industries.

Among those assignments is the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the biggest single-site solar park across the globe with a planned ability of 5,000 MW by 2030 and an acquisition of around AED 50 million complying with the independent power producer instance.

The recent production ability of the solar park is 1,827 MW utilizing photovoltaic solar panels. DEWA is recently executing assignments in the solar spot with an overall ability of 1,033 MW utilizing photovoltaic solar panels and CSP technologies. This increases the clean power delivery in Dubai’s energy blend to 12.8% ad is hoped to access 14 percent by the end of the year.

DEWA utilizes many methods for clean energy production. One of which is the CSP method, which can produce a spacious supply of electricity 24/7 with outstanding energy storage abilities. H.E Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated that the corporation is maintaining speed with the current clean methods to get the desire of the vice president and Dubai clean energy method 2050 and the Dubai net zero ejections method 2050 to give full energy production ability from clean energy supports by 2050.

“DEWA’s overall production ability of energy has reached 14,317 megawatts, and its ability of desalinated water production has reached 490 million royal gallons every day. DEWA has pioneering industries and assignments to diversify clean power sources. These comprise many clean and renewable power ways and methods like PV panels, green hydrogen, and CSP utilizing solar energy, pumped-storage water technology utilizing clean energy in Hatta, and analysis into electricity production from wind power.

DEWA has even executed assignments and industries to increase energy productivity. In addition, DEWA invests in the current fourth industrial revolution methods and its amazing infrastructure to maintain speed with the needs of stable evolvement. DEWA has even extended its energy and water structure to complete the developing demand as per the top norms of obtainability, trustworthiness, productivity, and quality.” Stated Al Tayer.

CSP Systems 

DEWA acts to evolve energy storage approaches through major assignments, comprising the fourth stage of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Spot. On its accomplishment, the assignment would have the biggest thermal storage ability across the globe of 15 hours, permitting energy obtainability 24/7. It is a world record for thermal power storage. The 4th stage of the solar ground is the biggest individual-site solar IPP assignment across the globe that merges CSP and PV technology.  

DEWA looks to form new records for the biggest solar tower across the globe at 262.44 meters and the biggest 700 MW CSP plant in the 4th stage of the solar ground.

Al Tayer repeated the robust rapport between DEWA and its partners. These rapports are an international part model of successful rapports between private industries and the government. It makes sure the protection of power suppliers as per the high global norms, with reasonable prices. It increases the status of Dubai as the international hub for clean energy and a green economy.

Patent for a system to recognize the finest spots for CSP assignments 

DEWA connects high significance to CSP assignments and serves to create its methods. In honor of its struggle in this location, DEWA, represented by the R&D hub, has been issued a patent for a method to calculate atmospheric impoverishment that consequents from distinct aspects like dust. It adds to DEWA’s record of accomplishments. The method recognizes the finest spots for solar towers and heliostats in CSP assignments through detailed computations utilizing a drone and an independent vehicle. The patent even increases the productivity of heliostats by preventing their direction to increase the advantage of solar radiation.

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