DUBAL Holding Reports Record High Net Profits of $735 Million Driven by Strong Aluminum Market 

DUBAL Holding – which is the investment arm of the government of Dubai in the commodities and mining, energy, power, and industrial sectors – has to get statement great financial outcomes for FY2021 with net profit soaring to $735 million in comparison to $59 million for the previous year.

The impressive 1,145 percent year-on-year development in net profit resulted from a blend of better functional performance, also record profits formed by DUBAL Holding’s 50% subsidiary, Emirates Global Aluminum, because of rocketing global expenses of aluminum in 2021, the corporation stated in a report.

The outcomes were declared throughout the company’s annual general meeting organized at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, which was presided by the chairman of DUBAL Holding, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer. The meeting was followed by the stakeholder agents from Investment Corporation of Dubai, with participation from the DH Board and maintenance, and its auditors.

DUBAL Holdings is supervising several ongoing projects, comprising the execution of the Dubai Waste Maintenance Hub at Warsan – one of the largest water-to-energy of plants in the world – which would treat around 1.9 million tons of strong municipal water per year and give electricity to over 100,000 houses.

The landmark project, which is a connected industry with many partners, is on track for accomplishment by mid-2024. In addition, several projects are in the planning phase, comprising a plant for electronic water maintenance, and another feature to change plan remains and food waste to emission-free bio-fuel.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated: “We strive to get the directives of our smart supervision to maintain the status of Dubai and UAE in the international economy. Our smart administration, with its dream that forms the future, made a previous investment in the aluminum industry.”

Al Tayer also glorified DH for its persistence and functional interpretation during 2021. Commenting on the outcomes, the vice-chairman of DUBAL Holdings, stated – “DUBAL Holdings constants to play its crucial twofold part by investing in great production, long-duration projects that perform the national economy, aside, and contributed to the stability targets of the UAE.”

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