FlapKap – A Fintech Revolutionizing E-commerce and SAAS Development in MEA-launches and Completes $1.2 Million Fundraise

 FlapKap, a corporation revolutionizing e-commerce and SAAS development in the MEA sector, declares its inauguration and successful accomplishments of a $1.2 million fundraising. The fundraise was spreadhead by A15, the prime MENA business, and one of the very notable supporters of previous phase startups in the sector.

FlapKap is the regionally adapted interpretation of Wayflyer and Clearco and the first corporation of its kind in the Middle East. Its immediate value proposals are twofold: first, this gives online businesses an Al-situated understanding to assist them to optimize their advertising spending and increase benefits. Then, this gives these businesses profit-based adaptable payment conditions, on that advertising spend, to make sure stable development with no cash controls.

Recently functioning in the Egypt and UAE, FlapKap would shortly inaugurate in Saudi Arabia. The corporation also requires comprehensive MEA extension and quick migrant investment.

FlapKap’s maintenance team has a proven track record in online, digital banking, and media. CEO or Co-founder is Ahmad Caucha – the co-founder of MENA’s prime advertising agency Harvard graduate and Kijamii. The founding team also comprises Khaled Nassef, co-founder/CTO and formerly of German neobank N26 and Amazon; Amr Gamal, COO, former McKinsey and P&G; and Sherif Bichara, FinOps Manager, formerly at Lazard and Helios.

Ahmed Coucha, CEO and Co-founder of FlapKap stated –

“We are pleased to declare our inauguration and fundraise, and keep the support of like an admirable investor as A15 – one of the reputed venture units in the MENA region. This is a rule for our business model and verification of our methods. We have taken a verified global business model and adjusted it for the Middle East. Out resolution authorizes startups and SMEs to develop stably, without failing capital, and to assist their cashflows. With a first-mover benefit and a large market prospect, we are eager to expand the development prospects we have opened for our previous customers to the entire region.”

The market prospect of FlapKap is significant. In 2017, Bain & company conveyed the broader MENA online market was worth $8.4 billion, with a yearly development of 25% since 2014, and expected the market to reach $28.5 billion by 2022. FlapKap hopes these measures to have risen significantly because of increased awareness prompted by of COVID-19 pandemic.

Karim Beshara, General Partner at A15, stated –

“A15 is scornful to guide the fundraising for FlapKap and to back its CEO, Ahmed Coucha, for our 2nd unit together. FlapKap isn’t only a creative corporation with an outstanding business representative, but it’s building true discernible importance for the sector by assisting SMEs’ development. This also has a first-mover benefit is a remarkable market, all of which forms a very promising future.”

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