Eid Al Adha 2022 – Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Explore

The UAE nationals would get a long weekend in July as the UAE marks Eid Al Adha. According to astronomical calculations, the Islamic festival will be from Friday, July 8, to Monday, July 11. This means this is going to be a four-day weekend for public and private sector workers in the United Arab Emirates. The actual dates would be based on observations of the full moon.

If you are planning a gateway for the long weekend, here are the top five destinations to explore – 


Georgia is the ideal spot, whether you wish to marvel at nature or spend time city shopping and hopping. With a diversified natural and cultural heritage, the city gives a broad array of experiences.

“The UAE residence visa owners are free from a pre-travel visa. This, and the truth that Georgia is only three-and-a-half hours away by flight, make it a comfortable holiday destination for nationals. A PCR test isn’t needed for vaccinated passengers as long as the second dose has been done at least 15 days before the travel date. Deira Travels is giving a three-night, four-day trip to Tbilisi for Dh 2,190.”


Switzerland has always been a dream spot for tourists due to its snow-coated mountains, breathtaking places, and mouthwatering chocolate. Throughout June and July, which are summer months in the nation, the weather is dry and warm but rarely very hot. From visiting the mountains or embarking on a scenic train trip, Switzerland has a lot of things to give.

“A Schengen visa is needed to enter the nation. The overall flight period from Dubai to Switzerland is 6 hours and 28 minutes. No PCR tests are needed to visit Switzerland and masks aren’t mandatory in the nation. Akbar Travels is giving a package to Zurich for 5 nights and 6 days which begins from Dh3,970.”


This Eastern European nation is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. The capital, Yerevan, has been dubbed the ‘pink city’ because of the rosy hue of the volcanic rock utilized in the buildings.

Since over 85% of the nation is surrounded by mountains, Armenia has a lot to give adventurous visitors. Those curious about art and culture can also analyze many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“The citizens of the UAE don’t need a visa to travel to Armenia. Other nationals of the UAE, based on their passport, can select between getting an e-visa or visa on arrival. The flight tenure from the UAE to Armenia is 3 hours. Completely vaccinated travelers from the UAE can visit Armenia without limits. Non-vaccinated visitors can visit with a negative Covid-19 test result. Musafir Travels gives a package to Yerevan beginning from Dh2,699 for 4 nights and 5 days.”


Singapore is a city with natural landscapes, beautiful gardens, and peaceful oases. Travelers can analyze the tourist appeals on Sentosa Island, shop at Orchard Road, or wander through Chinatown for a while.   

A widespread appeal is Gardens by the Bay, a tribute to Singapore’s fight against environmental change. With its lush green areas, super tress, and cloud forests, this is a lesson in conservation.   

“The UAE nationals don’t require a visa to travel to the nation. Although, other citizens, based on their passports, can need a visa. Completely vaccinated travelers don’t need any entry permits, pre-departure tests, or on-arrival tests. They also don’t require quarantine on arrival. A flight from the Dubai emirate to Singapore is 7 hours and 30 minutes long. International Travel Service, the travel division of Galadari Brothers, is giving a package to Singapore beginning from Dh3,800 for 3 nights and 4 days.”


This landlocked nation in Southeastern Europe is fairly pristine by visitors and has an abundance of natural beauty. Serbians are renowned for being fun, laidback, and welcoming. A flourishing nightlife, several tourist locations, and scenic spots make Serbia the ideal spot. Irrespective of whether you select to watch the city of Belgrade on hop-on, hop-off buses or visit the 80-million-year-old underground cave link at Resavska Pecina, you’re assured of having a high time in the nation.

“Visa needs would differ based on nationality. The flight tenure from Dubai to Belgrade is 5 hours and 8 minutes. No PCR tests are required for completely vaccinated visitors from the UAE. International Travel Service, the travel division of Galadari Brother, is giving a package to Serbia beginning from Dh4,000 for 3 nights and 4 days.”

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