Electrolux: Dubai-Based Integrated Facility Management Company

Jayessh Bharaathan – CEO and Group Managing Director of Electrolux company. In 1992 he come to Dubai and start work with the City Bank, then he decided to move on towards an entrepreneurial side in 2009 and started with some business ventures. In 2016, he was introduced to the founder and CEO of the Electrolux company and started his entrepreneurial journey.

He is a senior banker twisted entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in Private Equity, Banking, Investment, and business advisory across an array of internationally functioning corporations. With outstanding analytical skills, he has guided organizations at C-level status, supported by a great level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and goodness.

He has served on the Executive Committees of several institutions and corporates and has been conducting the methodological think tank, increasing and investing funds, and maintaining corporations and projects in evolving economics. In 2010, he transformed into an entrepreneurial business professional depending on the heritage of his track record.

At Electrolux, he extended heads the maintenance team in the ability of CEO & Group Managing Director and its holding experience in Sweden where he moves the methodic purposes of the business. He is accountable for the method of the group and obtaining cost efficiencies and work optimization. It is credited to him for revving development and is liable for the turnaround method of the corporation.


The company Electrolux is an integrated facility management corporation with a presence throughout the UAE servicing a broad array of government and private sector industries. The functions started in Saudi Arabia with the establishment of the more than 50 major hospitals being catered for nursing and bio-medical engineering employees, followed by the maintenance of the deductions.

Since its beginning, Electrolux has become the most demanding FM corporation by great project owners and clients who are willing on quality. They approach their client with the decision of giving the most suitable quality and services and are ready to give green resolutions at effective costs.

They attribute their success to their human capital who undergoes stringent training and is aware of the requirements of the client. Their comprehensive soft services give capable clients to concentrate on their major business as they sustain their purposes by integrating the complete array of support services into one contract.

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