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Today we got a chance to talk about the successful personality, Elina Hedman, the founder of Aerate and Elina app. She is a passionate entrepreneur who stands for creating concepts that connect and support people. Each of these is created for a goal and created around a powerful instinctive user experience to increase involvement with the product. As a result, she provides solutions to support people across the HR landscape, including social recruiting, employee retention/corporate benefits, and healthcare. Learn more about Elina and her app through our interview below.

What is your company name and contacts?
The company name is Aerate and the elina app.


  • 971 (0) 50 410 3687
  • 44 (0) 7807 357 190

Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?
The founder and director of Aerate and Elina app is Elina Hedman

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

With over 15 years of digital experience, Elina is a motivated professional with an entrepreneurial mindset running her own startups for many years. She has wide experience in developing digital products across industries, including retail, automotive, e-commerce, manufacturing, fintech, and healthtech – to mention a few.

She has not only built and launched her own start-ups from scratch, but she has also led pioneering strategic, digital, and technology projects for high-profile, blue-chip launches and has been highly acclaimed. She has delivered projects/products across industries – for clients such as Audi, ASOS, Burberry, Tesco, Virgin Media, Dominos Pizza, NationWide, Microsoft, Sainsbury’s, and so on.

Elina has a deep understanding of the Digital Landscape, including development, User Engagement, UX and UI, marketing and other touchpoints, and how to optimize digital platforms for customers’ needs.

The journey of the founder and co-founders?
Born in Sweden, worked in London for over 15 years in the industry, now Dubai based.

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Introducing the elina app

The elina app is an engaging, easy-to-use self-care app creating an eco-system of support and education within pain management. The app is designed to provide support for individuals in the tracking and managing of long-term pain in collaboration with a team of doctors, professionals, and close friends – their chosen ‘e-team’.
The app provides a positive and engaging tracking experience, alleviating the impact for users on their professional and personal lives.

At the core of the product design is engagement, providing an app that places the user at the center of the interaction and enables them to build a team of support around them

Elina App – Video


elina app is an engaging, easy-to-use self-care app creating an eco-system of support and education within pain management
The elina app is an innovative mobile application. It addresses the challenge of engagement in healthcare ie. to enhance the rate and duration of engagement by patients/users in self-care and treatment/rehabilitation programs.

The solution lies, very simply, in what motivates patients/users and how to engage them. Using robust technology that is accessible and easy to use, the elina app drives engagement that is fun, and positive and puts a team of supporters around the patient/user, rather than leaving the patient/user feeling isolated.

Technology provides the solution on a scalable basis. In delivering this, it develops an eco-system of self-care support alongside healthcare services that sits between wellness and clinical services.
The MVP/early adopter focus is the management of long-term musculoskeletal pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis. The app is however adaptable to multiple pain types and conditions, either as a principal tool for patients/users provided through a B2B healthcare provider or insurer or as the front-end interface for existing MedTech products.

The elina app enables users to track and manage their long-term pain on a regular basis so that this data is available to their e-team ie. consultants, physiotherapists/osteopaths, and close friends (through various permission settings). The app facilitates communication between a patient/user and their e-team – which is unique in this field – and it will ultimately develop into an eco-system in which the e-team professionals can be referred across patients/users.

For patients/users, the main benefit is more positive management of long-term pain. For professionals, the benefit is enhanced patient care and referrals (which will incentivize their promotion of the app).
The app will also collect data (on an anonymous basis) which will inform research and development in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors looking at pain relief and long-term pain management. It could also be harnessed to influence private medical insurance premium rates.

Introducing Aerate

Aerate creates and develops concepts that connect and support people using digital tools.
Through online platforms and applications, each concept is designed for a purpose and built around a strongly intuitive user experience. User engagement is Aerate’s core focus, especially relevant at a time when remote working/learning and collaboration are vital aspects of personal and professional development. Our wide-ranging concepts are all interlinked and complementary, providing solutions to support people across the HR landscape including social recruitment, employee retention/corporate benefits, and healthcare.
Aerate has been approved and qualified by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade’s prestigious Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), a program that aims to create global companies from start-ups, using the United Kingdom as a strategic headquarters and base for international expansion.

Alongside the development of Aerate’s own concepts, the team also provides strategic and advisory services to clients to support them in the growth of their businesses. This is based on the lessons learned and experiences of their own concepts and many start-up projects. In bringing digital products to market, we have a deep understanding of UX/UI (user experience/user interface), how to design for purpose, adapt and tailor to specific requirements.

Aerate also has its own development team, with vast experience in complex projects, integrating design for purpose and technology development (principally custom-built). Developing infrastructure, data management, and security are at the heart of these projects.

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