Emirates group Releases 2021-22 Results Showing Strong Recovery 

Group records an annual loss of AED 3.8 billion because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic effect, a remarkable enhancement from the previous year with dnata returning to revenue.

  • Group profit of AED 66.2 billion enhanced by 86% with robust client requirement as globally travel limitations ease.
  • Ends the year with an enhanced and robust cash balance of AED 25.8 billion.

Emirates Group reports a remarkably decreased loss of AED 3.9 billion in comparison to an AED 20.3 billion loss in the last year.

  • Profit up 01 percent to AED 59.2 billion, as airline extended worldwide ability and added more traveler flights.
  • Airline ability was enhanced by 47% to 36.4 billion ATKMs, with the final five A380 aircraft counted to its caravan.

dnata reports revenue of AED 110 million, strong backtracking from its AED 1.8 billion loss in the last year.

  • Profit enhanced by 54% to AED 8.6 billion, showing recovery from the pandemic in all business departments in the country and globally.
  • Extends international footprint with the appropriation of easyJet’s international onboard retail usefulness and the introduction of new shipping, airport hospitality, and retail features.

The Emirates Group released its 2021-22 yearly statement which demonstrates robust healing around its businesses. dnata returns to revenue, and remarkable profit enhancements were reported throughout both dnata and emirates as the Group reformed its air transport and travel-related functions which were lastly cut back or shortened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline Group stated – “This year, we concentrated on fixing our functions rapidly and safely wherever pandemic-related limits relaxed around our markets. Business recovery takes speed specifically in the second half of the year. Strong clients requirement drove a large enhancement in our financial activities in comparison to our outstanding losses of the previous year and we formed up our robust cash balance.

The fitness and security of our people and clients rest a major value as the globe steers its second complete year of the pandemic. Throughout Emirates and dnata, we replied to vibrant market situations with dexterity and presented inventive products and services to complete our clients’ requirements and give them the most suitable experience.

2021-22 was also a remarkable year as the country market its 50th anniversary and welcomed the world at expo 2020 Dubai which produced enhanced worldwide involvement and traffic to the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Group was proud to play our part in supporting the Expo’s success and the country’s Jubilee events.”

In 2021-22, Emirates got a further funds infusion of AED 3.5 billion from its eventual stakeholder, the Dubai government, and the Group wiped on different sector support programs and availed an overall relief of almost AED 0.8 billion in 2021-22.

As Emirates and dnata ramped up functions, workers formerly on furlough or formed duplicative were placed and reappointed, and new recruitment drives were possessed to reload the Group’s talent sea and increase its future abilities. Consequently, the Group’s overseas employees enhanced by 13% to 85,219 workers, representing more than 160 distinct nationalities.

In 2021-22, the Group jointly invested AED 7.9 billion in new aircraft and features, and the current technologies to post the business for recovery and future development. This also constantly progresses its ecological method concentrated on decreasing carbon emissions, depleting resources efficiently, and conserving wildlife and habitats. Throughout the year, the Group supported community, humanitarian, and philanthropic industries in its different markets, along with invention incubators, and other programs that nurture future resolutions for industry development.

Sheikh Ahmed stated – “For the Emirates Group, 2021-22 was primarily concerning healing, after the strongest year in our Group’s history. This isn’t only related to fixing our ability, but also increasing our future abilities as we reformed. Our target is to form back better and more powerful, hence we can give even best experience to our clients and give more support to the districts we give.

We hope the Group to return to revenue in 2022-23, and are performing tough to hit our goals while maintaining a close watch on adversity like high fuel costs, inflation, new Covid-19 variants, and economic and political anticipation.

Our rapid acquisition of infrastructure, people, technology, and partnerships, would constantly provide us the capacity and benefit in giving industry-leading products and value to our clients. As the Dubai emirate and the United Arab Emirates go forward with their method for the next fifty years and beyond, the Emirates Group is well settled to play our part in supporting economic development, featuring international involvement, and making a positive effect on people and districts.”

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