Emirates to Add 23 Extra Flights, More Seats Across 7 Cities in the GCC & Middle East During Eid

With Eid Al Fitr looming and more visitors making a plan to the skies, Emirates is reacting by giving more flights around seven cities in the GCC and the Middle East.

The airline is moving up its program by joining 23 flights and stacking on extra seats with the posting of A380s and Boeing 777s between 28 April and 8 May to the 4 cities it gives in KSA, Kuwait, Amman, and Beirut.

In the KSA, emirates would be layering on two extra flights on 2nd and 8th May to give inside and outside of Riyadh. In Jeddah, the airline would add 5 flights operated by its Boeing 777 and would be boosting one of its current flights to an A380, to evolve an all A380 function. Medina would be also suited with 4 extra flights during this time, and visitors from Dammam would have also the choice of an additional flight on 28 April as they begin their holidays. This year, Emirates clients in KSA would be launching to Dubai emirate for their Eid al Fitr festivities, moreover to the Maldives, Bangkok, Manila, Paris, Mauritius, and Los Angeles in the US.

Famous locations for Kuwaiti visitors this year comprise Dubai, Manila, Mauritius, Maldives, London, Paris, Bangkok, and Emirates would be functioning eight extra flights operated by its Boeing 777 during Eid.

Emirates would be stacking on 3 flights operated by its Boeing 777s to the airline’s current Beirut program to adjust for more visitors as they run home to stay with friends and relatives. Amman flights operated by the Boeing 777 would be also upgraded with greater seat abilities.

Visitors can also book specific Emirates Holidays packages, with curated adventures, hotel stays, and more to be suitable for each choice and taste.

Maintaining Eid conventions, and giving a touch of Middle Eastern hospitality, the airline would be giving a specifically formulated Eid menu for visitors between 2-5 May for all GCC, and MENA flights leaving from and coming to Dubai.

Clients around all classes can hope to fold into juicy chicken gabuli of prawn biryani to form their festivities. Emirates would also be giving heavy desserts such as pistachio and saffron cakes for First and business-class travelers. Economy class travelers can also relish the chicken and prawn choices and satisfy their sweet tooth with soft and friable pistachio namoura and saffron cake to round off their meal. Visitors traveling on the A380 in the Business and First Class would be also able to enjoy a curated preference of Emirati Eid chocolates and pastries in the Onboard Lounge.

Emirates First and Business Class Dubai lounges would be giving travelers Arabic Coffee, dates, conventional Eid sweets, and two new flavors of ice cream, cinnamon baklawa, and Arabic coffee with dates. Travelers at Emirates’ committed Singapore and Cairo lounges would be also given specific sweets and savory dishes.

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