EMIREX: Enlightening About Blockchain And DeFi 

Greg Mars is the CEO and Co-founder of Emirex-a digital asset exchange and tokenization platform and EmiSwap-a DeFi platform. EMIREX, headquartered in the Dubai emirate, gives unique digital commodities exchange services standing an optional acquisition podium for tokenization.

With Emirex, Mr. Greg set the target to help people to understand the blockchain and the advantages of decentralization. Greg is a team-focused person with a greatly proficient expert team who concentrates on consistency and hard work. Standing as a blockchain advocate and missionary, Greg demonstrates his fondness for work and is also a previous adopter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He is engaged in the crypto play since 2012, which has driven him more familiar with the globe over time.

Explain the background of you and the company in detail.

I graduated from the Mechanical-mathematical and Economic Departments of South Federal University and then graduated from OUBS. After that quickly, I shifted to the US to study Business Strategy at Harvard Business School.

After getting an MBA from the Open University Business School, I’ve suggested many corporations on token offerings and digital asset models and many private and public corporations in Central Asia and the Middle East. As for the crypto space, I have been in it since 2010, and I was among the first to form mining and operating Bitcoin.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

I would like to say that the staff is the largest force and power. Behind EMIREX are people with extensive experience and the right specialists in their industry. I believe my highest power is to be a part of such a fabulous group that I am fortunate to direct.

It all began 4 years ago when we started our exchange. Since then and till today, we’ve cooperated with several incredible partners who are with us yet. I also recognize the transformations in the team. We went through vicious hacker spells that tried to split the corporation from the innards.

Still, the very crucial thing is that now we are going ahead with confidence and would develop at an even quicker pace. Now, when we are improving and getting prepared for a vast level update of the EMIREX platform, we can maintain extending our staff of trailblazing professionals.

Why did you start this company?

I’ve possessed workshops and meet-ups in the Dubai emirate, and throughout these meet-ups, I’ve had a huge audience who have complied with me and my profession. My followers relentlessly asked me, “How can I buy Bitcoin?” “Where to buy other cryptocurrencies?” and numerous other questions. I realized that people require a comfortable service for finding, selling, and purchasing cryptocurrencies. It is the way I recognized my major target – In order to make a very comfortable platform for performing with cryptocurrency, which has been translated into the exchange’s design philosophy.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

Being engaged with several corporations in high posts is undoubtedly no simple task. Still, you do not develop unless you undertake difficulties and learn the ways to stand by your principles and do what you think would make the finest result for yourself and your people. I’ll do my best to function in the finest manner potential, in any case, knowing how it can impact the future or alter the present, not just for me but for my staff and the people I work with every day to complete what I trust in.

The most significant difficulties can be damaging in any effort you go through as once one target is gone, you need to set the next one. In case you are better at your profession, the next target would be clear. I do not consider challenges small or big as in case you do not tackle the little things, they are limited to become huge and impede efficiency and typical well-being later on.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative

Schemes for future inventions are developing elegantly. Performing on the revised EMIREX platform pushed us to be additional innovative and resourceful. In the beginning, we executed an automatic transfer of all utilizer accounts from the old podium without issues and no further rosters.

Moreover, watching the increasing popularity of crypto, we are already obtaining new licenses to perform in Europe and the MENA territories. In the restatement, the show’s stars are the new applications for iOS and Android, P2P services, trading bots, etc., as we are only scraping the texture of what we have scheduled. I can say with confidence that all our assignments would get better and be very beneficial for investors and end-users.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

EMIREX understands its mark market, and we prioritize functionality, costing, brand, and client service. We think EMIREX will attract Crypto-beginners, professionals, and inventors. Our Middle Eastern origins help all three units.

Over the last 8 years, we have assisted Middle Eastern enterprises, regulators, and government institutions grow their digital methods and abilities. We have formed and handled powerful crypto trading platforms. EMIREX has remarkable restricted components, driving us the go-to for veteran local traders. Now, all investors and businessmen can tokenize and finance their thoughts by utilizing our platform, and that is a remarkable milestone. Tokenizing project finance is a creative concept that permits companies to come investors instantly without agents or mediators.

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