Etihad Rail Expected to Accelerate Growth in UAE’s Property Market 

Connecting the 7 emirates along the Saudi Arabia-Oman edge, the Etihad Rail is an essential component of the Railway schedule of the UAE. this is hoped to be the catalyst for the development of property markets throughout the emirates.

Etihad Rail, which is hoped to hold more than 60 million tons of freight and 36.5 million travelers by the year 2030, would change the economic landscape of the nation by linking 11 prime cities of the emirates. The national rail connection of the United Arab Emirates is hoped to contribute to the nation’s economy and stability, with the real estate industry leveraging the most advantages.

The proposed linking to the GCC nations would also advantage the increasing property market of the United Arab Emirates. It complies with the country’s economic targets and schedule, like the United Arab Emirates 2050 Net Zero enterprise and the country centennial 2071 assignment.

The 1200 KM long assignment would play a significant part in forming the gap between the 7 emirates, forming for interaction smooth for the tenants of the United Arab Emirates, as per the Zoom Property insights.

CEO at Zoom Property, Ata Shobeiry, stated Etihad Rail would advantage the nation in a number of methods. “While it would definitely make interaction a breeze within the United Arab Emirates, there would be a remarkable effect on the property markets throughout emirates also. Communities and residences situated near the Etihad Rail station would record a cost hike. Furthermore, a rise would occur in rental costs also. Besides the increase in the real estate industry, the pioneer assignment would also get economic prosperity and stability while decreasing carbon footprints.”

The Etihad Rail would pass through a few of the notable communities in the Dubai emirate, like Damac Hills, Al Furjan, Arabian Ranches 2, Arabella, Reem, and more. The effect would not just be limited to these spots, but communities situated near them would also advantage from the mega assignment, because they would see a rise in property costs.

Additionally, the rental demand would also advantage from this assignment. “This is tough to provide estimates on how much the cost would rise once this first-of-its-kind assignment is prepared to give tenants, but provided the magnitude of the assignment, we can securely state the alters in the property market of the Dubai emirate would be very remarkable,” Shobeiry stated.

Once functional, this would take 50 min to reach Fujairah from the Dubai emirate and 100 in from Abu Dhabi. This ease of commutation would provide an increase to the Fujairah property market.

Recently, several people reside in Sharjah and act in the Dubai emirate because of the lower residing prices. With Etihad Rail’s second stage becoming functional, Fujairah would be another prospect for residents acting in the Dubai emirate. It would influence its rental demand.

Formed in 2009, the first grade of Etihad Rail is already functional since 2016. This is freight assistance linking the gas sectors. There is no firm accomplishment date for the second phase declared as of still. This is learned that the assignment is shifting ahead quickly as over 70% network has been formed, as per the Zoom Property insights. The second phase would link Fujairah and Ghuwaifat. “The inter-emirate rail link would be a prime increase to economic movement throughout the United Arab Emirates. This would contribute to the population migration, GDP development, and economic evolvement of the nation.” Shobeiry completed.

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