Will Flights To and From Europe be Affected by Airport Strikes?

Pertaining to the airport strikes by the European airports, the traveling plans over the summer are likely to remain unchanged for UAE residents. In fact, UAE residents are dodging European cities and choosing the ones that are not prone to strikes. 

The UAE travelers are showing no changes in their summer plans as the flights between the two countries are not affected by the ongoing airport strikes that are having a chokehold on the continent. 

A spokesperson at Wizz Air told that no changes are made to the UK flight schedule for the rest of the year. The flights would go as they were planned. 

A low-cost carrier spokesperson based in Abu Dhabi also added that a lot of efforts have gone into making a rotational schedule for the crew members in order to make the schedules even more strong and also an addition relating to an AI tool as well in order to dodge the possible encounters to disruptions. This is why they had started preparing for that back in September 2022 and invested over 90 million euros for the same. 

Normal Operating Conditions

Most of the UAE-based airlines are operating in the normal sense while simultaneously monitoring the situations of the European airports. It was in fact confirmed that the flights between Europe and UAE are not affected currently. Said a spokesperson from Dubai-based Emirates. However, any changes made in the schedule would be informed immediately. 

The Etihad Airways representative told on Tuesday evening that the fights traveling between UAE and Europe are working normally. Meanwhile, the airlines are constantly planning and monitoring any destructions or actions that may impact flight schedules. 

The International Travel Services manager Raj Mir Wasim told that so far no queries relating to rescheduling have been received. Nor are there any requests made for rebooking. The people traveling outside of the UAE have shown no concerns. 

Though, in the latter part of the last month, a few of the travelers enquired about the delays relating to immigration at Heathrow Airport. The people who had to travel shortly had shown concerns related to these issues. Some of them were asking about the flights to the airports near London. They made requests to change their landing destination to some other airport like Stansted Airport or Manchester Airport. But, as the Airport strikes are called off by the security staff, everything remains smooth to date. 

A positive outlook was given by TP Sudheesh the Deira Travel and Tourist Agency’s special manager that the effects of the Airport strikes have not made any impact as of yet. Also, no queries have been received from travelers outside of the UAE till now. He even added, that speculating the impact right now is a tad bit early. This is because of the fact that these strikes are done by different departments and on different dates in various European cities. So, getting concerned about it now will be a waste of time. 

Avinash Adnani, managing director of Pluto Travels, said that travelers can simply make changes to their destination instead of canceling the entire trip. They are well aware of the Airport strikes. Therefore, by not choosing the airports and airlines that are likely to get affected by the strike, they can travel smoothly. 

What is Actually Happening?

The European content is undergoing various strikes by different cuties. The Air traffic control Airport strikes are taking the continent by storm as there are various strikes taking place. Some of them are:

Technical terminal strike at the Birmingham Airport on July 18

EasyJet, the British airline to cancel around 1700 flights on Monday from Gatwick Airport

The strikes in France are also expected 

The Airport strikes are going to hugely impact the airline business in European cities since summer is a peak period. All these strikes are taking place as there are multiple issues at airports all across Europe

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