Everything You Have to Know About QE2 

Dubai keeps everything from the biggest buildings to the biggest malls. Counting to its impressive inventory of world records is the emirate’s first afloat 5-star hotel – Queen Elizabeth 2.

Docked permanently at the emirate’s Port Rashid, the iconic QE2 has been refurbished and changed into a deluxe and stunning hotel that spans almost 13 decks giving ample and convenient rooms, better dining, recreational things, events, and many more. A visit to this stunning hotel would leave you in awe of its elegance and beauty providing you with a memorable experience.

Whether you wish to dine on delicious British delicacies with a backdrop of the pristine ocean, spend a night in one of its several deluxe rooms or find a glimpse of what the iconic QE2 was like throughout her sailing days, there’s no reason why you must not visit this iconic hotel in the emirate.

What to expect inside this magnificent hotel 

QE2 gives you the prospect to experience the thrill of living in an ocean linear while also standing at the heart of the emirate. The hotel facilitates 447 different rooms and suites that are formed to complete all your deluxe requirements. The different choices for the rooms are – standard room, luxury room, superior room, officers room, captain’s room, with balcony. The suites have different deluxe choices such as – the Junior suite, duplex suite, officer’s suite, and the Royal suite. Every room has porthole windows with breathtaking views that would make you feel like the ocean. Visitors have the option to select any room with a sea scene or a Dubai skyline view.

Experience a global buffet in the chic and advanced climate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner while admiring the scene from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the lido restaurant situated on the quarter deck. Eat like the royals and indulge in the quintessential British cuisine in a warm tea cup as well as savory and sweet bites at the Queen’s Grill. Finish your day by having snacks and drinks at the Golden Lion, the oldest pub in the emirate.

The QE2 has a fantastic gym where you can maintain your fitness regime while also enjoying scenic views. Experience world-class activities in their licensed theatre, this has room for around 515 individuals making it the ideal spot to host a range of events from press conferences, conferences, product inauguration, and private events. The QE2 theatre is also recognized for operating several celebrity live events and performances.

The prime focus of the ship is the museum that lets you look back into the ship’s previous time of glory as an ocean liner mapping this 39 years of service. This Heritage tour begins from the Heritage exhibition close to the vessel, the nest you would get the know the vital facilities of the boat.

How To Get There 

The QE2 is situated at Port Rashid close to a few of the emirate’s very popular appeals. The Dubai International Airport is a little drive away. You can access QE2 by car or you also have a choice to take the metro. The closest metro station is Al Ghubaiba Station. You can choose the bus route. The closest bus station is Falcon Intersection.

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