Feroz Khan and DigiFlynt Towards Innovation and Transformation

Feroz Khan is the founder and CEO of DigiFlynt. He is also the previous partner of BCG and KPMG. He set the target to master new skills and keep going ahead. He also takes failure positively. He explains, “I try not to be disturbed by things that don’t produce the expected outcomes.”

Moreover, he said that he learns from his missteps and goes ahead. The career of Mr. Feroz greatly concentrates on technology and the digital sector of the work. He loves performing on digital changing assignments for many prime industries and acts mostly with digital and rising technologies.

The company of Mr. Feroz DigiFlynt is located in Dubai, UAE. The corporation has a team of forecasters driving invention. Moreover, the Digiflynt group has an entrepreneurial nature and attitude that thinks from their clients’ perspectives to get profitable resolutions. The corporation also has an online existence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Consequently, driven personality, Mr. Feroz robustly pays attention to creativity and invention. He is always eager to learn something new and extend the boundaries of his knowledge in order to maintain something renewed and inventive. He was born in a small town in India and was fortunate to attend a prestigious school. Besides teaching academic lessons, the school also trained him how to live life in a difficult situation.

His whole career is highly influenced by technology, which began with corporation tech and took him towards digital and rising technology. He has a stroke of better luck to perform on several technologies, comprising the application, network, enterprise, infrastructure, and very significantly digital. He spent 50% of his career in consulting, which gave him a podium to perform around several industry verticals.

The life targets of Mr. Feroz are a bit tough, which eventually form his career. He focuses on providing his all in whatever he does, and he tries not to be disturbed by the thing that doesn’t produce the decided outcomes. To concentrate on the duty at hand, and if it fails to generate outcomes, to utilize this as an option to learn from his mistakes hence he can do things appropriately the next time. Maintain a positive personality and do not let fear threaten his success.

His biggest strength is to live life positively, which usually encourages him. He genuinely trusts that the moral ground he set for his life must be the same as what he wants from others. For his strength, he looks toward his role models that are outstanding technocrats and therefore get inspired by their innovation and actions. His strength is his knowledge.

The biggest challenge he had overcome, he stated, is recognizing the truth that when a person or a corporation develops quickly, issues and difficulties are limited to be faced. Hence, they have to be firm and strong to resolve all those issues and difficulties and must not be impacted by the problems’ intensity. Rather, they take that as a prospect to learn and strengthen themselves. When he speaks about the high difficulty, beginning a new corporation and increasing capital towards the similar was the big challenge.

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