GEMS Education: Boosting The Education World

Sunny Varkey is the founder and Executive Chairman of the GEMS Education Group. Sunny is a vibrant education businessman who is the driver behind the mission of GEMS to cutting-edge education for everyone.

Mr. Varkey is a strong believer in the power of education to decrease poverty, fighting, and discrimination throughout the globe. To get new resolutions to global education challenges. Sunny has developed partnerships with the World Economic Platform, UNESCO, Microsoft, and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Mr. Varkey’s visionary’s mission and campaigning action are broadly identified. UNESCO named him goodwill ambassador of Education Partnerships in 2012. The UAE Ministry of Education granted an award of excellence for the services of Mr. sunny to education in 2011. In 2009, the government of India awarded him the Padmashri, one of the greatest civilian honors, and the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Eminent Educationist in 2008.

Sunny’s GEMS schools are formed in different cost frames, to work all markets and the levels of income. The very pricey schools have ample grounds and facilities, and small size classes. Educational quality is sustained in the budget-range schools by utilizing outstanding teachers, by productivity and economization on space and time, and by relying on economies of scale.

Gems education

This large connection of GEMS schools shares sources and details and gives training to teachers throughout the entire system. When entering into new markets GEMS schools also advantage from domestic partners who comprehend domestic terms; the partners give a local experience that cannot be obvious through standard market research.

GEMS schools set the target to give a holistic education, and it imbues learners with values of humanitarianism and generosity. GEMS Education focuses on developing graduates who are forward-thinking international residents with leadership qualities and universal values. For GEMS students, Sunny priorities and principles and climate of multiculturalism, and the significance of providing back to others domestically and internationally.

GEMS is divided into two sections – Educational and schools services. GEMS Education solutions are the consultancy unit of GEMS Education, giving educational services and suggestions, and this was formed in 2011. This acts with governments and non-profits, and private and public customers, to change the quality of international education and talent acquisition, utilizing the sources of over 50 years of experience of the GEMS in the sector.

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