Genetic Diseases Association: Dubai-Based Reputed Healthcare Company

Her Excellency, Dr. Maryam Matar is the chairperson and founder of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association. She is a prime and reputed healthcare influencer, championing the study of genes, and advocates public education and understanding of genetic disorders in the Middle East. She works as senior advisor and chairperson in more than 15 committees.  

Dr. Matar is identified as the very strong scientist in the United Arab Emirates since 2014; among the best 20 Arab scientists with the huge grant to humanity by the British Scientific Community 2016; among the best 100 very effective Arabs across the globe, remembered by the Arabian business for 4 consecutive years since 2013.

For the previous 16 years, the UAE Genetic Diseases Association is running groundbreaking analyses in the sector within the robust rapport of its founder Dr. Matar. What led Her Excellency to place a concentrate on genetic disorders in her medical career was the proof she came around throughout her studies and the beginning of her career.

This spreadhead her to get the volunteer-led NGO to tackle a few of the very serious genetic diseases identified to humans comprising genetic blood disorders, Autism, Alzheimer’s, cancers of various types, celiac disorder, etc. Not just is Her Excellency a frontiersperson in the medical space, Dr. Matar is a role model for several women in the UAE looking for success, whether that be in healthcare or other sectors. In addition, she can enable transformation, walking the methods for other girls and women on the spot.

UAE Genetic Diseases Association was established in 2004 and then since and still today is a volunteer-led NGO. This association began with blood disorder initiatives, although, this is presently serving on many others like sickle cell, Familial hypercholesterolemia, thalassemia, and G6PD. One of them is also a fragile x chromosome which is regarded as autistic. There is a particular variant that enhances the hazard of that kind to have an autistic. The Association does not publish the outcomes supporting community ideas in mind.

The Association has also a breast cancer industry as well as 2 international hubs with which they can notify 21 new variants for breast cancer, which is most important for their maintenance. One of the other industries that make this Association unique is that within its umbrella they host the GCC Genomic Society. As members of the society, doctors from member GCC nations collect once annually at a conference, where they make decisions on what kind of project and conversion focus requires to be concentrated on. Moreover, UAE Genetic Diseases Association is also a part of the Global Rare Diseases Commission.

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