Government of Dubai Announces DubaiPay as a New Payment Method 

The Dubai government, represented by the Department of Finance and Dubai Smart Government Establishment, joined a partnership contract with Al Ansari Exchange to make DubaiPay’s payment services obtainable on Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App.

H.E Wesam Al Abbas Lootah, CEO of DSG, Jamal Hamed Al Marri, Executive Director of Central Accounts at the Department of Finance, and Rashed A, Al Ansari, CEO of Al Ansari Exchange, signed the contract at the headquarters of Digital Dubai.

Under the terms of the cooperation, Al Ansari exchange would join DubaiPay’s roster of service providers, making it one of the first private corporations and the first exchange corporation to be connected to the app. With this evolvement, Al Ansari Exchange’s clients can now utilize DubaiPay as an optional payment choice obtainable on their mobile application.

Jamal Al Marri also greeted the combination of Al Ansari Exchange with the DubaiPay portal and stressed the significance of giving the private sector the possibility to advantage of Dubai’s modern financial and digital structure. This cooperation gives more adaptability and comfort to clients to act their financial transactions.

He added – “Department of Finance is dedicated to boosting client pleasure and delight level in Dubai, being that this is one of the greatest strategic targets. Our rapport with Al Ansari Exchange is in line with our constant cooperation with Digital Dubai, other government units, and the private industry focused toward extending the access and services of DubaiPay to make sure to protect and adaptable payment alternatives for its utilizers.”

His Excellency Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, stated –

“Digital Dubai is dedicated to embracing modern technologies and channeling them toward making people’s lives happier and smoother in the emirate, firmly forming the emirate as the prime smart city of the world. In the end, DubaiPay permits utilizers to smoothly pay bills and purchase online services from one centralized, protected, and simple application. We are always performing to extend the scope of DubaiPay, in line with Digital Dubai’s desire to digitize each factor of life in Dubai, in close cooperation between the government and private sectors.”

His Excellency Lootah stated –

“With that commitment remembered, we are pleased to be welcoming a private-sector corporation onto the podium for the first time. By linking the payment system of Al Ansari to the DubaiPay, we can give utilizers a broad array of protected online payment services, reachable any time and from elsewhere.”

Rasheed A Al Ansari, CEO of Al Ansari Exchange stated –

“We are honored and proud to join this rapport with the Department of Finance and Digital Dubai, and be the first exchange corporation to connect our smart app to the government digital system “DubaiPay”.

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