UAE Initiates Green Education Programs to Promote SDGs and Climate Action

The UAE is dedicated to implementing several educational programs in line with these objectives. Among these is the “Green Education” initiative, designed to equip upcoming generations with the skills and knowledge to champion climate action and environmental stewardship.

In April of this year, the Ministry of Education unveiled the Green Education Partnership roadmap. This significant step is part of the nation’s preparations for hosting the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). Notably, COP28 will feature the inaugural education pavilion in the conference’s history.

The roadmap rests upon four fundamental pillars: green education, green schools, green communities, and green capacity building. This comprehensive approach has given rise to the establishment of the Green Education Partnership in the UAE, a significant initiative with the overarching goal of bolstering the educational sector’s contribution to SDGs and seamlessly integrating climate considerations into the national education framework.

This initiative seeks to elevate the role of education in realizing the SDGs and embedding climate priorities within the educational framework. Simultaneously with the initiation of this effort, the Ministry of Education has pledged to establish multiple partnerships that are aligned with the goals set out in the Green Education Roadmap.

The Ministry of Education has entered into a strategic collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to introduce the ‘Greening Capacities Initiative’. This endeavor is geared toward promoting climate education and instilling a sense of climate responsibility among children and youth, enabling them to better cope with and prepare for the challenges posed by climate change.

This partnership is centered on “Greening Capacities,” a crucial component of the roadmap’s four pillars. Within the framework of this collaboration, both entities will introduce and implement three joint initiatives: Educators Training, Net Zero Heroes, and the Children’s Art Competition. These programs are designed to generate a tangible and positive influence, equipping both students and educators with the knowledge and tools to address climate challenges and contribute to a more sustainable environmental future.

The Ministry of Education, through these initiatives, aspires to furnish every student with the essential knowledge, competencies, values, and mindsets to confront climate change and champion sustainable development. To realize this vision, the ministry will collaborate with UNICEF to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities for every teacher, educator, and school principal across the UAE.

Both parties are actively collaborating to offer children the platform to articulate their perspectives in the run-up to COP28. This avenue will be facilitated through the Educators Training – “Climate Education Pioneers,” the Net Zero Heroes initiative, and the Children’s Art Competition.

The Ministry has also introduced the “Educator’s Voice” initiative in partnership with the Office for Climate Education (OCE) and “Alef Education.” This initiative is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of educational personnel in fostering awareness, tackling climate change, and readying for its potential consequences in the lead-up to COP28.

The collaboration with OCE has been instrumental in bolstering educator engagement, allowing them to exhibit their climate initiatives on a global scale. This partnership also involves the organization of side events associated with climate action in the Education Pavilion and the creation of a significant legacy for the post-COP28 period. One of the key endeavors is the translation of OCE’s resources into Arabic, making them readily accessible and disseminable throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

As part of this initiative, the organization will host the third edition of the TeachersCOP competition, originally established by OCE. This competition holds international significance, serving as a platform to enlighten global authorities and policymakers about the invaluable contributions of educators and their pivotal role in addressing challenges and fortifying the worldwide response to climate change.

Within the same context, the Ministry entered into a strategic collaboration with the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, aimed at advancing climate action and environmental sustainability. This partnership underscores the mutual dedication to fostering sustainability and nurturing a heightened sense of environmental obligation among diverse elements of society.

As part of this partnership, the Ministry and the Foundation are dedicated to expediting sustainability and climate action by delivering enduring educational avenues for climate consciousness across the UAE.

The Ministry of Education and Alef Education have formalized their collaboration on environmental sustainability and climate education through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement resonates with their joint dedication to incorporating sustainability principles into the educational framework at every level.

The MoU plays a pivotal role in expediting green education by introducing a range of initiatives designed to enhance the knowledge and competencies of students and educators, enabling them to take the lead in climate action endeavors. Within this collaborative framework, Alef Education offers its expertise, resources, and capabilities, ensuring access to a wealth of educational materials.

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