Gulf Oil Training: Top Online Platform For Oil And Gas Courses

Mr. Neel Garg is the Founder and CEO of Gulf Oil Training company. With a rich experience in the sector of Oil and Gas Equipment manufacturing and supply internationally, Mr. Neel Garg is exceptionally understanding both the challenges and possibilities of the sector. Mr. Neel Garg has made an indelible mark in the MENA region towards completing customized oilfield appliances needs of different categories of the utilizers.

Mr. Neel Garg was fascinated by the condition of spreading useful knowledge pertaining to the sector amongst its shareholders and therefore he conceptualized a forum that gives rapid and crisp deets and insights into the industry.

Mr. Neel Garg has chalked out an amazing career path for himself, both academically and professionally. IIT alumni, FMS graduate, who performed and rose the ladder in the UAE, move to Dubai, UAE to shoulder his dream business Gulf Well Solutions FZCO, the parent corporation to the Gulf Oil Training.

Needless to State, Mr. Neel Garg has his share of struggle and success stories that fuel the fire of being more perseverant and diligent in his approach towards his career and profession.

It is how Gulf Oil Training started and the next moves were forming a strong portal that can work as a conduit of concerning the information. The widespread COVID-19 crisis added to the cause as the requirements for digital education and digital interaction enhanced ten folds. The whole world was moving to the new normal and Gulf Oil Training added value to the truth that learning can be imbibed anytime and from elsewhere.

By the middle of the year 2021, the struggle culminated into success where Gulf Oil Training went lice and touch-based on the lives of different experts and students in the Oil and Gas field. It’s heartening to see the portal increasing and adding value to a variety of lives, empowering them with knowledge and adding skills they look.

Gulf Oil Training caters to all the personnel directly and indirectly included in the Oil and Gas field. Whether it is experienced specialists, academicians, traders, or students, this strives to add value to all in their unique method.

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