Gulfood Manufacturing 2022: Ready To Tackle Global Food System Challenges

Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 would stand the superior spot directing the food’s future production – from new ingredients and modern technologies to involved supply chain resolutions and breakthrough evolvements driving the sector ahead. 

Dubai World Trade Center has declared a major worldwide trade fair, Gulfood Manufacturing, which would activate from 8-10 November. Demonstrating new international products, solutions, and technologies in the food and drinks value chain, this year’s edition is formed to stand 40% bigger than the former year’, with 25% of exhibiting companies new to the event. A vertical development course additionally shows the worldwide market appeal of the Dubai emirate and the total strength of the country’s industrial region and its trade ecosystem, in line with the National Strategy for initiative and modern technology function 300bn. 

The event would get together the F & B manufacturing sector throughout regions in manufacturing, packaging, ingredients, supply chain resolutions, and management & automation; in an individual food ecosystem with a schedule that would form the future of the manufacturing sector – boosting the prospect formed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and forming on and supporting the modification of the nation’s industrial area into a worldwide manufacturing center, in line with the country’s make it is the desire of the emirates. 

Over the three days of the show, Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 would study pieces of stability, modern technology adaption, productivity, and nutrition assessment, encouraging the creation, of air corporations, decreasing prices, evolution, and change. The biggest difficulties in worldwide food production would even stand managed, increasing food costs principal amongst them. With food, costs increased by almost 14% this year in rising markets and by more than 7% upfront economies 1, inflation – and the consequences for the world’s neediest – would stand a major concentration spot for conversations this year. 

Executive Vice President of Dubai World Trade Centre, Trixie Loh Mirmand stated – “Through Gulfood Manufacturing, we would reveal the next age in the assessment of the food and beverage manufacturing sector. From managing worldwide food difficulties to interacting with the ESG wave that is turning food methods, and together studying the largest prospects shown by invention – specifically in the tech area – our major target is to make a lasting positive effect on the sector and take it to great levels further forming the country’s status as a worldwide spot for major future sectors.” 

Leading the Future of Food Production 

The event set the target to make a more stable, robust, elegant, and productive sector for the future, getting worldwide professionals, decision-makers, and concept directors together for informative and encouraging sessions, to share thoughts on the modernity of the initiative. A major factor this year comprises the Food Tech Summit where more than 100 of the sector’s most vibrant and involved speakers would convene to communicate a problem-driven schedule arraying from food engineering inventions, factories of the future, web 3.0 apps in food, rising markets, circular ecosystems, food protection, stability-linked finance models, and much more. 

A Platform to Do Business And Network 

Gulfood Manufacturing constants to garner interest from the best worldwide food production professionals, with the event stand area having sold out for this year already. From the ingredients sector alone, 95% of the globe’s high ingredients brands have confirmed their attendance for the 2022 edition. The edition of this year would watch the largest representation in current years from Europe, with nations such as Portugal and Switzerland returning to the event in complete force. 

“Directing our sector in stability with our people, solutions, and items, we are setting new sector norms in packaging. We are very curious about participating in Gulfood Manufacturing again with a stand demonstrating our current inventions and innovative solutions. Gulfood Manufacturing’s event is a very crucial platform where sector directors come together to interact with the current trends and evolvements in the food and drink sector and what they mean for the industry. We are delighted to participate in the conversation on what the future of packaging is moving to stand and how we are forming it today.” stated Abdelghany Eladib, President and General Manager, SIG Middle East, and Africa. 

The exhibition would make a forum for the biggest corporations in the food sector to show their items, services, and solutions to effective purchasers from throughout the world, making many prospects network and run ventures. This year would stand no anomaly as contestants have the prospect to form new expert rapports, strengthen running ones, and implement great-value deals.

Global Portfolio Expansion  The foreign exhibitions corporation of Dubai World Trade Center, Kaoun International currently declared, in a JV relationship with DMG shows, the evolvement of a global portfolio in the food and hospitality industries out of the country. The collaborative desire and concentration standing to evolve new markets and giving the worldwide food & beverages community reach to rising development markets.

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