Hatem Elsafty With Great Business Setup Consulting Solutions 

Mr. Hatem Elsafty and his corporation, Business Link. His desire is for the corporation to become a prime business setup consultancy in the UAE. Mr. Hatem and his staff target to enhance themselves on regular basis to evolve professionals in the industry and always give the most useful business setup and business visa services to the clients.

The corporation has a team comprised of members having extreme experience in business setup and PRO services. This assists them to expand toward ample development. Mr. Hatem utilized an encouraging method to life, and his never-giving-up character is amazing. He is passionate about assisting businesses and business people to begin their journey in the United Arab Emirates and also in order to increase Business Link itself.

Business Link is the outcome of a genuine effort. This was beginning to assist people to begin their corporations. The corporation has also an online existence on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

He began his company Business Link in 1999 as a business formation consultant and has the dream to become one of the reputed business setup services providers in the country from a wider view. The corporation gives bespoke solutions to clients to assist them to begin, forming a brand and developing smoothly in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The targets and purposes of his corporation are very clear within the order, in other words, keep improving their services and always making effort to enhance themselves in case they wish to become a market professional for a business setup consultancy company in the UAE. Another target of Business Link is to get and maintain a 100% client satisfaction and appreciation score to become the more selective business setup consultants in Dubai.

The company Business Link is an embodiment of a genuine effort that the people put in each day. This has been an honor for him to be a part of such a high enterprise that has made capable people get their desire for the previous 25 years – going robust and catering to clients throughout the world. Business Link stands robust at the inception of this decade.

Mr. Hatem said – “In my view, in today’s generation, where technology is becoming an essential element of each company, and several of the new corporations are in e-commerce, this isn’t potential for any consultancy company to be not creative. Every day I hear about the fresh later in businesses, and regularly, businessmen are getting in new concepts for launching their ventures.”

Business Link puts expertise and fondness at the hub of everything it does. They have a competitive benefit over others owing to their deep knowledge of the company formation procedure. Prepared with knowledge about government laws and regulations and driven by robust ethic rules to manage your business, Business Link has inscribed a market for itself in the domain.

The big challenge for the Business Link was to maintain speed with the modern technology, but as they state, each challenge introduces itself to make you a good version for yourself. They were capable to adopt new technological resolutions and putting them at the heart of their corporation. Though it seems such a big trouble, this presented them with the highest possibility to deal with international clients.

Their target has been always to form long-term rapport depending on clarity and trust. Their business formation consulting services have been of immense assistance to clients by giving the most useful solutions and assistance to concerns whenever they are initiating a new business.

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