Hatim AL Abri: Forecasting Efficient Distribution of Products at the Customer Level

Hatim AL Abri, a highly skilled professional and the Co-Founder of ZabonEx, brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. Dedicated to making significant contributions to digital transformation, Hatim has positioned himself as an industry leader through various roles in this dynamic field. In this enlightening interview, we explore Hatim’s vision and perspectives, shaped by his journey in an ever-evolving industry.

Covering the swift evolution of the ICT sector in recent times and his instrumental role in steering the organization through these changes, Hatim AL Abri shares insights that are not only visionary but also centered around people.

A complete journey about The Hatim AL Abri company?

My motivation to enter the Telecommunications and ICT sector is rooted in a fervent desire to harness technology to foster innovation and efficiency. My journey commenced with research in Home Energy Management technology, where I became captivated by the transformative possibilities of cutting-edge solutions. Engaging in varied ICT projects at Datacom served to intensify my interest, revealing the potent capabilities of technology in tackling intricate challenges.

Becoming part of Omantel presented the chance to spearhead Business Systems, overseeing smooth operations and project governance in crucial domains. Following that, in the capacity of an IT Business Partner at AMDOCS, I assumed a key part in seamlessly incorporating solutions into customers’ Enterprise IT ecosystems.

Being a part of this sector enables me to consistently interact with appearing technologies, actively support digital change, and steer the ever-changing terrain of telecommunications and ICT. I am motivated by the ongoing evolution and the chance to influence the future of technology solutions in this rapidly transforming industry.

The journey of the entrepreneur?

Embarking on my professional journey, I started as an R&D Engineer at SolarCity, New Zealand, focusing on researching Home Energy Management technology. Transitioning to Datacom, I assumed a crucial role in the successful delivery of diverse ICT projects and offered third-level support. Upon joining Omantel as the Business Systems Team Leader, I took charge of overseeing critical systems and project governance.

Serving as an IT Business Partner at AMDOCS, I spearheaded IT consultancy and agile delivery management, seamlessly integrating solutions into clients’ Enterprise IT ecosystems. Simultaneously, I pursued a Master’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Auckland, concentrating on M2M application services.

Over the course of my journey, I have cultivated a strong skill set in Enterprise ICT technologies, adept project management, and collaborative vendor engagements. Remarkable milestones include leading Omantel Innovation Labs and receiving commendation for contributions from top leadership.

Principal influences in your professional journey?

Across my professional trajectory, I’ve had the privilege of encountering diverse influencers and mentors who have been pivotal in molding my career path. In the initial stages, my role as an R&D Engineer at SolarCity provided exposure to innovative thinking and research methodologies, establishing a robust foundation.

While at Datacom, actively engaged in a spectrum of ICT projects, I was fortunate to collaborate with seasoned professionals and project managers who, in an informal capacity, assumed roles as mentors. Their guidance left a profound impact on my problem-solving approach and the execution of projects.

Over the past few years, while spearheading the Business Systems team at Omantel, I’ve had the privilege of closely collaborating with inspirational leaders within the organization. Their strategic vision, leadership styles, and unwavering commitment to excellence have played a crucial role in molding my managerial skills and influencing my approach to technology solutions.

What traits contribute to success as a leader in your industry?

I am of the opinion that effective leaders exhibit a distinct set of qualities that navigate the intricacies of the industry and foster sustainable growth. Primarily, visionary leadership holds paramount importance. A successful leader must possess the capability to foresee technological trends, conceptualize the future trajectory of the industry, and lead their team and organization toward innovation.

Another essential quality is effective communication. Considering the diverse and frequently technical aspects of the work within this sector, a leader must excel at articulating intricate ideas with clarity and comprehensibility. This encompasses not only communication within the team but also conveying the association’s concept to stakeholders and customers.

Flexibility holds paramount importance in an industry characterized by swift technological advancements. Accomplished leaders embrace change, exhibit agility in decision-making, and cultivate a culture of perpetual learning within their teams.

The capability to consider strategically is a foundational skill. Leaders in this industry need the ability to align technological industries with overarching business objectives, guaranteeing that technological investments yield tangible outcomes and value for the organization.

In what way has your startup addressed the continuing digital revolution and technological transformations?

At ZabonEx, our approach to the persistent digital revolution and technology-driven changes is founded on innovation and agility. Born out of the Fikra program at Omantel Innovation Labs, our commitment is to remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

An integral component of our strategy involves incorporating avant-garde technologies into our business model. Acknowledging the transformative potential of digital solutions, we have tactically embraced technologies to elevate our services and enhance the overall customer experience. This encompasses harnessing artificial intelligence for improved decision-making techniques and delving into the possibilities of blockchain outlets for protected and translucent transactions.

Our startup places a significant focus on continual learning and adaptability. Actively engaging in industry affairs, conferences, and training schedules, we strive to remain well-informed about arising sensations. This dedication to acquiring knowledge enables us to anticipate modifications in the tech landscape and align our procedures accordingly.

Message to your customers and viewers

For individuals venturing into the dynamic realm of Telecommunications and ICT, my suggestion is to cultivate a mindset of continuous learning, establishing a robust foundation in the fundamentals, and actively pursuing hands-on experience through internships and projects. Prioritize networking, encounter with industry specialists, and nurture adaptability in response to swift technological changes.

Communicating effectively and exploring myriad domains within the area are paramount. Pursuing mentorship, existing aggressive and creative, and striking a balance between technical expertise and smooth skills align with a well-rounded proficient profile. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and acknowledge that a career in this field is an ongoing journey where interest, stability, and a devotion to goodness serve as major drivers of success.

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